The Word Project with Kickstarter

In 2002, artist, bricoleur and designer Polly M. Law began combining her love of odd and obscure words and her distinctive bricolage-style and The Word Project was born. There are now over 125 that have been explored, expanded, exploded, punned or vamped on with Ms. Law’s “paper-dolls.” There are only 2 criteria for inclusion in “The Word Project”- the word must be new to the artist (otherwise it is just showing off) and it must tickle her rather overactive imagination. The entire Word Project has been shown at several galleries. Ms. Law has been encouraged by the many kudos that greeted these showings to publish the work. The proposal has made the rounds to a number of publishing house and while recognized for its merits, no investment was made. Ms. Law would like to change that.
This is where comes in. Kickstarter has been lauded as one of the best ideas for 2009 by the New York Times; and as a creator looking for support for a worthy project, Ms. Law heartily agrees! Thus, on December 22, 2009- Ms. Law launched her project on kickstarter: “Publish ‘The Word Project’ ” with a video, an overview of the proposed book, and high hopes. Funding has begun and Ms. Law looks forward to meeting her goal by the deadline of March 21, 2010.

“Publish ‘The Word Project’ ”

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