Gift Shop needs STUFF

Opportunity for WAAM Members

We are accepting consignment submissions for the Gift Shop (consignment terms: 60% to artist, 40% to WAAM).

Please bring your shop submissions during the gallery’s open hours.

Artist members have the following options:

Print Bins
Artists may submit prints or reproductions, matted or with a sturdy backing-board, shrink-wrapped, with the artists’ bio and some information  to identify the print medium on the back.
Size Limit: 20 x 24 inches.  Limited to 10 prints per artist.

Wall Display
Artists may submit a “Nutshell” piece….original art (no reproduction prints, hand-pulled prints only), framed and wired for hanging.
Size limit: 6 inches, including frame
Retail price limit: $75
Limit of two “Nutshell” works per artist.

Artist Trading Card Display
3-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches on sturdy mat board & packaged in a closed poly-sleeve.
Retail price minimum: $10

All shop submissions are subject to review by the Board Gift Shop
Committee.  If you have any questions, please call or email Patricia at

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