Work Accepted for March Exhibits

Congratulations to all the artists whose work will be shown at Saturday’s Artists Reception (4-7 PM) at the WAAM! Those whose work wasn’t accepted this time may pick it up on Thursday between noon and 5 PM.

Recent Work: Gertrude Abramson, Eric Angeloch, Loel Barr, Josephine Bloodgood, Jane Bloodgood-Abrams, Mandara Calderon, Mercedes Cecilia, Mari-Claire Charba, Dot Chast, Frank D’Astolfo, Penny Dell, Steve Dininno, Paulette Esrig, Howard Finkelson, Lynne Friedman, Patricia Gibbons, Gail Giles, Diane Godfrey, Doris Goldberg, Peter Heller, David K. Holt, Lenny Kislin, Anthony Krauss, Alex Kveton, Thor A. Larsen, Polly M. Law, Deirdre Leber, Annette Lieberman, Harriet Livathinos, Christine Livesey, Dolores Lynch, Elin Menzies, Vince Natale, Ralph Neaderland, Joyce Nicol, Pia Oste-Alexander, Louise Rubenstein, Lora Shelley, Janet Siskind, M’Lou Sorrin, Faye Storms, Nancy Summers, Karl Volk, Ian Worpole

Small Works: Gertrude Abramson, Bruce Ackerman, Paola Bari, Loel Barr, Kristy Bishop, Bobby Blitzer, Jane Bloodgood-Abrams, Joanna Borrero, Mercedes Cecilia, Dot Chast, E.S. DeSanna, Margarete de Soleil, Steve Dininno, Ruth Drake, Bob Glassman, Diane Godfrey, Katherine Gray, Marilyn Hauser, Hatti Iles, Annette Jaret, Lenny Kislin, Anthony Krauss, Alex Kveton, Polly M. Law, Deirdre Leber, Harriet Livathinos, Christine Livesey, Kate McGloughlin, Elin Menzies, Wilma Miller, Joy Moore, Art Murphy, Joyce Nicol, Valerie Owen, Robert Selkowitz, Patricia Seminara, Eleanor Steffen, Llyn Towner, Marcie Woodruff, Ian Worpole, Peg Wright

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