BIG News for the WAAM!!

We are finally able to post the great news on a project that’s been brewing behind the scenes at the WAAM.  Everyone will be thrilled to learn that our financial problems are over; a group consisting of the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Ulster County Arts Coalition, and the Woodstock Wealth for Arts club, with the support of President Obama’s interest in the arts, has combined to offer us a grant of $35 million, with which to create a new and expanded building which should make Woodstock one of the world’s great art magnets!  Plans are underway and architects are being consulted.  The current basic plan is to take over the entire block of Tinker Street on which the WAAM now resides, creating a facility which will include a performing arts space, a movie theater, a sculpture garden, and twelve galleries for special exhibits.  Frank Gehry is of now our top choice among architects.  Across the street from the WAAM, the stores will be removed and a large parking building installed, and Route 212 will be widened to four lanes.  Of course the members of the WAAM will need to help support this vast venture; dues will be increased to $1500 per year…but it will certainly be worth it!

We’re delighted to have the privilege of sharing this news, and wish you all a most merry April Fools Day.

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1 reply

  1. good work…!
    Mark April 1 in the calendar, when great things happened for WAAM!
    (yeah, Obama… oh, he did the oil thing yesterday??)
    (every day is april 1, really, but so poorly used!)



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