“I attended the General Meeting last week and was surprised when the Chair of the Volunteers/Member Liaison Committee didn’t mention the Volunteers.  If this Committee isn’t about the hard working volunteers, then which committee is?  I heard the staff mention and thank the volunteers but not the Chair of the Committee that is supposed to be about us volunteers.  Why give my time if it’s not appreciated?”

I just received this note on the “what do you think?” page and I certainly owe an apology to all of our wonderful amazing volunteers.  My error in not mentioning them at the General Meeting!  The volunteers are the heart of the WAAM, and having been one for several years I can attest to the huge amount of time they devote to keeping this organization thriving.  They serve on committees, making decisions and following through, they sit at the desk for hours, they manage intake and pickup for our exhibits and sometimes have to suffer the complaints of unhappy members.  They bring and serve food and wine at the openings.  They set up chairs and hang pictures on the walls and clean up…I could go on and on. They venture forth in rain and snow, and they are to be celebrated and appreciated.  Thank you thank you from me, from the board, and from all the members to these hearty and generous souls.

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