Active Member show and MORE

TOMORROW, Saturday June 13, 4-6 PM at the WAAM

Main Gallery: Active Member Show
Jose Acosta, Ron Balsamo, Jane Bloodgood-Abrams, Anonymousblonde,
Gertrude Abramson, Bruce Ackerman, Eric Angeloch, Loel Barr,
Barbara Berlind, Bobby Blitzer, Joanna Borrero, Barbara Bachner,
Ed Berkise, Josephine Bloodgood, Mandara Calderon, Dot Chast,
Mari-Claire Charba, Mercedes Cecilia, Rosalyn Z. Clark,
Frank D’Astolfo, Ron Denitto, Penny Dell, Bonnie Carlson Diana,
Lynne Digby, Yale Epstein, Paulette Esrig, Michael Fattizzi,
Howard Finkelson, J. Homer R. Foster, Rei Fraas, Lynne Friedman,
Phyllis Gilbert, Gail Giles, Judy Glasel, Bob Glassman,
Angela Gaffney-Smith, Patti Gibbons, Howard Goldson, Katherine Gray, Mary Anna Goetz, Laura Gurton, Marilyn Hauser, Franz Heigemeir,
Marianne R. Heigemeir, Michael Heinrich, Peter Heller, Pat Horner,
David K. Holt, Beth Humphrey, Hatti Iles, Annette Janet,
Laura Katz, Pat Kelly, Lenny Kislin, Stuart Klein,
Andrew Kooistra, Ivan Liberman, Annette Lieberman,
Meyer Lieberman, Robert Lipgar, Dolores Lynch, Gay Leonhardt,
Harriet Livathinos, Kathleen McGuiness, David McWhinnie,
Maralyn Master, Elin Menzies, Wilma Miller, Michelle Moran,
Gabriele Margules, Erica Minglis, Moneta, Joy Moore, Art Murphy,
Alan McNight, Vince Natale, Ralph Neaderland, Susan J. Neff,
Ze’ev Willy Neumann, Susan Nickerson, Sandra Nystrom,
Susan Phillips, Carol Pepper-Cooper, Kevin Pope, Rosalind Robertson,
Jacquie Roland, Sharon Rousseau, Leah Rubenstein, Lucette Runsdorf, Susan Sammis, Constance Sohodski, Lois Schnakenberg,
Jeffrey Schiller, Istar Schwager, Sandra Palmer Shaw,
Karen St. Pierre, Eleanor Steffen, Nancy Summers, Llyn Towner,
Hy Varon, Karl J. Volk, Pamela Wardwell, Leslie Waxtel,
Marlene Wiedenbaum, Marcie Woodruff, Ian Worpole, Peg Wright

Founders Gallery: Small Works
Juror: Tricia Cline
Participating Artists include:
Gertrude Abramson, Bruce Ackerman, Anonymousblonde, Loel Barr,  Bobby Blitzer, Jane Bloodgood-Abrams, Mercedes Cecilia, Dot Chast,
Carol Davis, Penny Dell, Yale Epstein, Michael Fattizzi,
Howard Finkelson, Patti Gibbons, Bob Glassman, Katherine Gray,
Laura Gurton, Pat Horner, Meyer Lieberman, Lois Linet, Harriet Livathinos, Elin Menzies, Michelle Moran, Art Murphy, Susan J Neff
Susan Nickerson, Susan Phillips, Leah Rubenstein,
Sharon Rousseau, Karen St. Pierre, Susan Sammis, Llyn Towner,
Karl Volk, Pamela Wardwell, Nancy Winters, Marcie Woodruff, Ian Worpole

Solo Gallery: Ben Jose
Benjamin Jose is exhibiting a series of two and
three-dimensional works that he has recently completed dealing with gender role stereotyping, memory and issues in modern culture.
Jose has exhibited primarily on the East Coast
of the U.S. at venues such as the Atlanta College of Art and the Georgia Museum of Art. His work has also been exhibited internationally at venues such as
The Triangle Artists Workshop (KM0 Workshop) in Warnes, Bolivia and The International Sound Sculpture Invitational (Pulgar #11) in Mexico City, Mexico.
He received his MFA from
The University of Georgia while receiving his B.A
at The State University of New York at Plattsburgh. More of Benjamin’s work may be viewed at

Active Member Wall: Tania Kravath

Youth Exhibition Space: Ackerman Award Winner – Tessa Morelli

Towbin Museum Wing: Arts for Ulster
50 Artists, 50 Works, 50 Causes

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