First shows of 2011!

WAAM is reopening this weekend with some wonderful exhibits…don’t miss the reception, Saturday Feb. 12, 4-6 PM.  If you’re coming from Saugerties, stop in at Mezzaluna where WAAM member Kristy Bishop is displaying her students’ work from 3-5 PM, and don’t forget to drop in at Oriole 9, across the street from the WAAM, to see the work of Scott Ackerman. Here’s what’s happening at the WAAM, sure to warm up a February evening…

Towbin Museum Wing: Harriet Tannin Retrospective

Main Gallery: Recent Work. featuring members’ work created within the past 6 months in any media.
Juror: Gillian Jagger,  noted artist and Ulster County resident whose art is rooted in nature and its patterns, rhythms and textures.
Harriet Tannin Award ($100): Judy Glasel
Honorable Mention: Gail Albert, Anthony Krauss, Nancy Winters
Gail Albert, Pia Oste-Alexander, Eric Angeloch, Anonymousblonde, Osi Audu, Kate Bouju, Mari-Claire Charba, Frank D’Astolfo, Ruth Edwy,  Yale Epstein, Paulette Esrig, Kari Feuer, Stacie Flint, Patti Gibbons, Judy Glasel, Bob Glassman,
Barbara Gordon, William Gotebski, Marjorie Grinnel, Laura Gurton, Hatti Iles, Annette Jaret, John Kleinhans, Anthony Krauss, Polly M. Law, Gretchen Langheld, Robert Lipgar, Alan McKnight, Elin Menzies, Joy Moore, Erica Minglis, Art Murphy, Susan J. Neff, Sandra Nystrom, Valerie Owen, Susan Phillips, Susan Sammis, Jeffrey Schiller, Loren Standlee, Clara Steinzor, Carol Struve, Hy Varon,
Nancy Winters

Founders Gallery: Small Works
Juror: Lynn Palumbo, former Director of the Mildred I. Washington Art Gallery Dutchess Community College.
Juror’s Choice Award ($50): Barbara Velazquez
Honorable Mention: Bob Glassman, Pat Horner, Wilma Miller
Gertrude Abramson, Jean Bover-Hammer, Mari-Claire Charba, David Morris Cunningham, Margaret de Soleil, Christopher Engel, Kari Feuer, Howard Finkelson, Angela Gaffney-Smith, Bob Glassman, Barbara Gordon, Katherine Gray, Calvin Grimm, Pat Horner, John Kleinhans,  Anthony Krauss, Harriet Livathinos, Elin Menzies, Wilma Miller, Art Murphy, Joyce Nicol, Sandra Nystrom, Joan Oliver, Sandra Palmer Shaw, Leah Rubenstein, Susan Sammis, Eleanor Steffen, Llyn Towner, Barbara Velazquez, Ian Worpole, Marcie Woodruff, Peg Wright

Solo Gallery: Meyer Lieberman (See previous post below for details.)

Active Member Wall: Ian Worpole

Youth Exhibition Space: Woodstock Elementary 5th Grade:  Recycled Art Project, inspired by Harvey Fite’s Opus 40

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