Gillian Jagger Film “Casting Faith”

A film about Gillian Jagger by Barbara Gordon and Richard Schlesinger
At the WAAM, Sunday, February 20, 5 pm
$10 ($5 for members)

Gillian Jagger, noted artist, Ulster County resident and juror of the “Recent Work” exhibit at WAAM, will be present at the screening of “Casting Faith” (a one-hour PBS documentary by Barbara Gordon and Richard Schlesinger). Jagger and Gordon will take part in a Q&A following the film.
Casting Faith follows Jagger through the woods on her property, where she finds both the mammoth trees and animal remains that become the material for her art. We see her work with this material discovering hidden vibrant structures – life among inevitable loss and decay. “Casting Faith” is about a woman immersed in a very private struggle with enormous social implications. It is a portrait of an artist working to define her art and its relation to her life and to the life of the society in which she lives.
Barbara Gordon, an artist and WAAM member, is also an award-winning filmmaker. Her documentary work has been broadcast on CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, The Discovery Channel and A&E and screened at The Museum of Modern Art.
Richard Schlesinger, a writer and filmmaker whose work has been published in major periodicals, has taught writing and literature at the City College of New York and Touro College in New York City.

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