The Votes are IN!

The Exhibition Committee met this morning and counted the votes for the Theme vs. Themeless issue, and we’re pleased that so many of you (90!) submitted your ballots.  Now, the envelope please…..and the winner is MIXED, some themed and some not.  5 votes were for “all themed,” 34 for “no theme” and 51 for a mixture.  For the 5 exhibits that aren’t already determined, 3 will be without themes and 2 with.  If anyone has some great ideas for those themes, please let us know…post a comment here, or email me ( or one of the EC members with your thoughts.  All will be considered.  Do you prefer conceptual themes, themes by media?  What about one show a year that’s “just for fun”?

Many of the voters added their comments; here are a few of them…”The themes stimulate my creativity, get me out of my comfort zone.” “Hey, mixing it up’s fun!” “No theme generates too much work and makes it difficult for jurors…all themes definitely limits the amount of work but sometimes can be too quirky.  A mix seems like a good compromise.” “The no themes seems to favor photography and non-objective and excludes realistic themes.” “I think the shows have been more interesting, exciting and diverse since eliminating the theme idea….not putting a size limit has also contributed to more interesting shows.” “(No themes) keeps creativity alive and challenging!” “Often, the art chosen in the theme shows did not seem relevant to the theme.  So what’s the point?” “I have found the quality of the shows much better this year.  Or is it the quality of the jurors? and the hanging….I do enjoy the non-themed shows UNLESS you have a very specific fun theme where the artists would have to do work for the show.” “The unthemed shows this year seem to generate an overwhelming quantity of entries – I think it makes it very difficult for the jurors to narrow the work down to one cohesive show.”  “Put prize money to more wine and loosen tongues and pocketbooks!” And finally, one that really pleased the committee: “Than you to all members of the exhibition committee for all  your HARD work and great job!”

We are certainly a group of people with diverse and interesting thoughts.  We’re looking forward to an interesting 2012; the jurors selected are really outstanding, so quit reading blogs and get back to your studios!

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