Woodstock, NY, August 19, 2011  –  Mimi Goese and Ben Neill will perform John Cage’s famous composition 4’33” at the Woodstock Artists Association Museum (WAAM) at 7pm on Monday, August 29, 2011.  WAAM is located at 28 Tinker St. in Woodstock and can be reached at (845) 679-2940.

The piece was composed in 1952 for “any instrument (or combination of instruments), and the score instructs the performer not to play the instrument during the entire duration of the piece.”  It was first performed in Woodstock on August 29, 1952, presented by the Woodstock Artists Association at the Maverick Concert Hall.  This will be the 59th anniversary of that performance.

It is an enormously influential piece in the world of art and is considered by many to be the perfect minimalist creation.

Norm Magnusson, who is producing this concert, saw it performed years ago by composer, percussionist, and avant-guardian David Van Tieghem and recounts that he was “surprised at how deeply moved he was by the purity of the work.”  He adds: “4’33”, on one level, seems to be as close to artistic perfection as an artist can get.”  After hearing it performed, Magnusson researched the piece, discovered that it had debuted in Woodstock, and decided to put on an anniversary concert.  This is it.
Mimi Goese is known as the lead singer/co-songwriter of Hugo Largo, the critically acclaimed minimalist punk/pop group who released two albums on Brian Eno’s Opal label in the ’80s. After touring with musician/producer Hector Zazou and co-writing/singing on the Moby album Everything is Wrong, Goese’s solo album Soak was released by Luaka Bop, David Byrne’s label.
Ben Neill is a composer, performer, producer, and inventor of the mutantrumpet, a hybrid electro-acoustic instrument. He has recorded eight CDs of his music on labels including Universal/Verve, Thirsty Ear, Astralwerks and Six Degrees. His most recent CD Night Science was released in 2009 on Thirsty Ear.

The Woodstock Artists Association & Museum was founded in 1919 to exhibit and collect work in all media by area artists and to support the tradition of Woodstock as the “Colony of the Arts.”  It is a super awesome place that has attained even higher levels of awesomeness by agreeing to host this concert.

After the concert there will be a short Q&A with assembled experts on Cage and 4’33” and Mimi and Ben may or may not play one or two of their own pieces off of their new CD: Songs for Persephone.

Questions?  Answers?  Call Norm Magnusson or Carl Van Brunt (845-679-2940) at WAAM.


The votes are in, and the candidates elected for the six open active member seats are Christopher Engel, Pat Horner, David Marell, David Morris Cunningham, Susan J. Neff, and Llyn Towner.  Vivienne Hodges was elected as an Associate Member candidate.  No longer serving on the board are Susan Nickerson, Mercedes Cecilia, and Marcello Amari.  Congratulations to our new and re-elected Board members!  And to those leaving, thanks for your generous service to the WAAM.



Submissions for 2012 Solo Show Jurying are due on Friday, Sept. 2.

Guidelines for Submission for 2012 Solo Show Jurying  
1. Submit 12 digital images on a CD (PC compatible) or 35 mm slides in a plastic sleeve. Digital images should be jpegs sized 4″ x 5″ at 300 ppi (1200 pixels x 1500 pixels). All images must be identified with artist last name, first name, and number (ie. SmithJane1) that correspond to a separate list (see 2 below). CDs should be clearly marked with artist’s full name and phone number.   
2. Submit a numbered list of images with title, date, medium, and size, along with your name and contact information. Numbers should correspond to numbered images (ie. number 1 should be 
SmithJane1 etc). 
3. Include a resume and artist statement.
4. If you would like your materials returned, include a SASE. The WAAM is not responsible for return of materials otherwise.
5. If you are not a currently paid member of WAAM, you must pay a $40 submission fee. All solo artists are required to be paid members at the time of their shows.
6. Additional materials or incomplete submissions will not be considered.
Juror for 2012 Solo Exhibitions
Juror D. Dominick Lombardi is an artist, writer and curator. Lombardi was Art Critic for the Westchester edition of the New York Times for seven years.  He has shown his paintings, drawings, sculptures and screen prints throughout the USA and abroad since 1977. Feature articles and reviews of his art have appeared in many publications including ARTnews, The New York Times and Time Out.



Sunday, September 4, at 1 PM, to be held at 
WAAM – 28 Tinker St – Woodstock, NY 12498

Preview hours start 
Fri, Aug 26; Fri & Sat 12-6 pm 
Sun to Thurs 12-5 pm


Don’t forget to check the Opportunities and Exhibits pages!

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