Dry off at the WAAM this Saturday.

The John Cage concert, 4’33”, performed by Mimi Goese and Ben Neill, has been rescheduled for this Saturday, Sept. 1O, at 2:3O PM.  Following the concert wiill be a discussion and Q&A with Kyle Gann, author of No Such Thing as Silence: John Cage’s 4’33”.  Admission is free.

The reception for the new exhibits in the Main Gallery, Small Works, Active Member Wall, and Youth Exhibition Space will follow the concert, from 4-6 PM.  And stop by next door at the Kleinert to see the Eccentric Portraits exhibit, featuring some of our WAAM artists among others…4-6 PM.
Main Gallery : September Group Show; September 10 – October 10
Juror: Brian Wallace, Curator of the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz
Doris Lee/Elfriede Borkman Award($100): Michael Fattizzi
Honorable Mention: Patti Ferrara, Jennifer Neff, and Paulette Esrig
Featured Artists:  
Loel Barr, Joel Benten, Miriam Bisceglia, Sophia K. Browne, Mari-Claire Charba, David Morris Cunningham, Ron DeNitto, Lynne Digby, Christopher Engel, Paulette Esrig, Michael Fattizzi, Patti Ferrara, Kari Feuer, Angela Gaffney-Smith, Bob Glassman, Laura Gurton, Calvin Grimm, Marilyn Hauser, Catherine Hazard, Franz Heigemeir, Peter Heller, Annette Jaret, James Karayannides, Lenny Kislin, Gretchen Langheld, Barbara Tepper Levy, Dolores Lynch, Dan McCormack, Wilma Miller, Joy Moore, Michelle Moran, Art Murphy, Vince Natale, Jennifer E. Neff, Paula Nelson, Stephen Niccolls, Petra Nimtz, Sandra Nystrom, Pia Oste-Alexander, Susan Phillips, Paul Stewart, Llyn Towner, Claudia Waruch

Founders Gallery: Small Works
Juror: Judith Hoyt, an award winning artist who works in found metal, collage and encaustic.
Alan Koff Award ($100): Carol Davis
Honorable Mention: William Gotebeski, Bob Glassman, and Ellie Steffan
Featured Artists:
Joel Benten, Bobby Blitzer, Joanna Borrero, Rosalyn Z. Clark, Carol Davis, Margarete de Soleil, Michael Fattizzi, Stacie Flint, Reidunn Fraas,
Bob Glassman, William Gotebeski, F. Tor Gudmundsen, Catherine Hazard, Franz Heigemeir, John Kleinhans, Polly M. Law, Kate McGloughlin, Elin Menzies,
Wilma Miller, Gloria Mirsky, Vince Natale, Stephen Niccolls, Pia Oste-Alexander, Valerie Owen, Barbara Adrienne Rosen, Rita Sherry, Eleanor Steffen,
Rosalind Tobias, Karl Volk

Solo Gallery: C. Michael Norton

Active Member Wall: Lucette Runsdorf

Youth Exhibition Space: Homeschool Art

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