Recent Works & Small Works shows WAAM February 2012 – Awards

Recent Work juror, Ed Smith, is a  Guggenheim Fellow in Sculpture and Drawing and an Associate of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, Professor of Art at Marist College and Director of the Venice Biennale Program at Marist.

Smith says of his work, “I use drawing to help discover and articulate sculptural images. By doing hundreds of drawings I “find” these images.” His work is currently on view in the exhibition “Ed Smith – Small Gods and Heroes”, at Lasell College in Newton, MA.

Ed presented a drawing from his recent work, Beggars of Venice to the WAAM Permanent Collection in honor of Barbara Gordon & Richard Schlesinger who related to the artist in making arrangements for his very successful talk last Sunday at WAAM.

The drawing is currently hanging on the wall behind the reception desk at WAAM, not the best place for a photograph by this amateur but here it is, reflections and all and followed by an image of the drawing photographed from the projection screen which Ed showed during his talk.

The following artists received awards:

Alan McKnight  “Acorns and the Oak”,  Watercolor, Harriet Tannin Award

Marilyn Rowley “Jazz”, Handmade Paper, Honorable Mention

Steven Niccolls  “Swell”, Oil/canvas, Honorable Mention

Agnes Tomaselli  “Triton’s Trumpet”, Ceramic, Honorable Mention

The Small Works show, downstairs in the Founders’ Gallery was juried by Nancy Azara, noted artist working in carved, assembled and painted wood, whose sculpture and collages have been exhibited throughout the US.

Nancy Azara “Lonely Leaf”, carved/painted wood, aluminum leaf, Juror Small Works

The following artists received awards in this show:

Carol March “Morning”, Acrylic, Juror’s Choice Award

Yale Epstein Floating Poem Acrylic ink varnishes Honorable Mention

Mari-Claire Charba “Bud from Secret Teachings of Plants”, Pastel, Honorable Mention

Marilyn Rowley “Take Flight My Love”, Mixed,  Honorable Mention

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