Whitney Biennial 2012

“One of the best Whitney Biennials in recent memory may or may not contain a lot more outstanding art than its predecessors, but that’s not the point. The 2012 incarnation is a new and exhilarating species of exhibition, an emerging curatorial life form, at least for New York. “

“This is a deeply artist-friendly show that revels almost tenderly in the various processes — personal, social, visual, physical, historical, political — that culminate in works of art, whether objects or art events. It repeatedly equates the curatorial with the artistic, in part by inviting participating artists to organize mini-shows or mini-festivals of film or music within the exhibition. ” Roberta Smith, New York Times


“Art is in the process of changing, shedding dead skin, reorganizing some of its structures, and steering its palliative way out of the overheated period we’ve been in. This enticing, flawed manifesto of an exhibition is a peek into this process.” Jerry Saltz, NYT Mag




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