Ken Johnson New York Times Art Critic to Speak at WAAM Saturday August 11 at 5pm

Are You Experienced?

Looking at art through the lens of psychedelic experience and culture

Saturday, August 11, 2012 – 5 pm  

$10 ($5 WAAM members)

Ken Johnson will talk about his latest book “Are You Experienced?How Psychedelic Consciousness Transformed Modern Art.”

 To answer that question, Ken Johnson, the veteran art critic of The New York Times, has examined a broad array of art of the past half century, from Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty to Pipilotti Rist’s recent swooningly trippy video installation at the Museum of Modern Art and Richard Serra’s warped, spiraling mazes of inches-thick Corten steel, looking not just for obvious signs of psychedelic style but for an underlying psychedelic ethos animating the art. Johnson’s pioneering study may change the way we see contemporary art.

From the press release:

“If you remember the ’60s,” the old joke goes, “you weren’t there.” Ken Johnson, today a widely respected art critic for the New York Times, was not only present but—despite inhaling and taking a few acid trips—still recalls everything clearly. Now he’s finally ready to talk. Richard Vine

Johnson’s new book, Are You Experienced? How Psychedelic Consciousness Transformed Modern Art (Prestel), claims that a full-blown social “paradigm shift” took place following the advent of mass-produced LSD, famously celebrated at the whacked-out Acid Test parties thrown by Ken Kesey and the Grateful Dead beginning in 1965… The idea was that you take drugs and a good part of your mental being comes into a different kind of awareness.

A lot of people, including many artists, sense that the psychedelic door has not been closed…  Psychedelia is for art today what water is for fish-an environment so pervasive as to pass almost unnoticed.” Ken Johnson

Deeply influenced by Carl Jung, Johnson interviewed artists of all kinds who came of age in the ’60s and asked them directly if they’d taken consciousness-altering drugs and if doing so influenced their art.

For more information, contact or 845-679-2940


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And Don’t Miss the July/August Shows through August 19

July Group Show

July Group Show
7/21-8/19 Any media, no size limit.  Juror: Marna Anderson, Dealer in American Folk Art, Outsider Art and Textiles for over three decades.
Formerly Director of Hirschl and Adler Folk in NYC.
The Helen Gilkey Award ($100): Maxine Davidowitz
Honorable Mention: Fran Sutherland, Elin Menzies, Pia Ōste-Alexander
Artists: Bruce Ackerman, Anonymous Blonde, Edward J. Berkise, Kristy Bishop, Jane Bloodgood-Abrams, Dot Chast, Diane Christi, Rosalyn Z. Clark, Amanda Rose Cobb
Carey Conaway, David Morris Cunningham, Maxine Davidowitz, Penny Dell, Janet Lee Dow, Ruth Edwy, Chris Engel, Paulette Esrig, Michael Fattizzi, Kari Feuer, Bob Glassman, F.B. Goodwin, Tor Gudmundsen, Laura Gurton, Ann Hanson, Marianne R. Heigemeir, Martha Hill, David K. Holt, Pat Horner, Mary Katz, Pat Kelly, Lenny Kislin, Anthony Krauss, Polly M. Law, Lois Linet, Robert Lipgar, Dolores Lynch, Lorna Massie, Elin Menzies, Wilma Miller, Erica Minglis, Moneta, Art Murphy, Jennifer E. Neff, Susan J. Neff, Ze’ev Willy Neumann, Joyce Nicol, Pia Ōste-Alexander, Roy Owsley, Marilynn Rowley, Leah Rubenstein, Susan Sammis, Lois Schnakenberg, Roberta Sickler, Janet Siskind, Julie Sitney, Eleanor Steffen, Clara Steinzor, Carol Struve, Fran Sutherland, Rosalind Tobias, Llyn Towner, Hy Varon, Claudia Waruch, Sylvia Ruth Weinberg.
Small Works: Juror: Henrietta Mantooth an internationally acclaimed artist, who has said that “art is about bravery, letting the paint itself create
the reality you don’t yet know exists.”
Alice Lewis Award ($100): Anthony Krauss
Honorable Mention: Dolores Lynch, Lolly Rubenstein, Bob GlassmanArtists: Joan Ades, Gertrude Abramson, Loel Barr, Stephen Blumenthal, Elizabeth Broad, Mari-Claire Charba, Dot Chast, Diane Christi, Rosalyn Z. Clark, Margarete de Soleil
Chris Engel, Yale Epstein, Michael Fattizzi, Kari Feuer, Howard Finkelson, Reidunn Frass, Patti Gibbons, Gail Giles, Judy Glasel, Bob Glassman, Laura Gurton, Peter Heller, David K. Holt, Annette Jaret, Anthony Krauss, Gretchen Langheld, Barbara Tepper Levy, Lois Linet, Robert Lipgar, Dolores Lynch, Susan McCarthy, Dan McCormack, Elin Menzies, Erica Minglis, Gloria Mirsky, Ralph Neaderland, Susan Nickerson, Marilynn Rowley, Lolly Rubenstein, Thomas Sarrantonio, Rita Sherry, Roberta Sickler, Clara Steinzor, Fran Sutherland, Llyn Towner, Barbara Velazquez, Marcie Woodruff,
Hattie Iles In the Solo Gallery
Active Member Wall: M’Lou Sorrin, YES! Gallery: Benedictine Hospital Oncology Support Group and continuing in the Towbin Museum Wing: Earth, Air, Water, works from the collection and selected loans.

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