New Shows – Opening Reception Saturday November 10, 4 – 6 pm, & Free Lecture, George Bellows at 2:30

The Holiday Show
11/10 – 12/31 
Main Gallery

 Great opportunity to purchase work by WAAM member artists
for holiday gift giving. Everything on view is on sale for $500 or less.
Many great pieces are available for much less.

Artists in the Holiday Show:

Jane Bloodgood-Abrams, Josephine Bloodgood, Gertrude Abramson, Bruce Ackerman, Eric Angeloch, J.H. Aronson, Susan Asarian Nickerson, Loel Barr, Ed Berkise, Barbara Berlind, Kristy Bishop, Miriam Bisceglia, Bobby Blitzer, Elizabeth Broad, Mandara Calderon, Mercedes Cecilia, Mari-Claire Charba, Diane Christi, Rosalyn Z. Clark, Carey Conaway, David Morris Cunningham, Frank D’Astolfo, Shelley Davis, Elizabeth DeHaven,
Penny Dell, E. S. DeSanna, Margaret de Soleil, Bonnie Carlson Diana, Lynne Digby, Ken Dreyfack, Janet Lee Dowm Yale Epstein, Mary Anne Erickson, Michael Espositio,
Paulette Esrig, Michael Fattizzi, Howard Finkelson, Steve Fineman, Stacie Flint, J. Homer, R. Foster, Reidunn Fraas, Linda Freaney, Lynne Friedman, Angela Gaffney-Smith, Judith Gerrard, Patti Gibbons, Gail Giles, Judy Glasel, Bob Glassman, Dan Goldman, Howard Goldson, Jeffrey Gould, Katherine Gray, Calvin Grimm, Tor Gundmunson, Laura Gurton,
Christine Hales, Marilyn Hauser, Catherine Hazzard. Marianne Heigemeir, Franz Heigemeir, Michael Henrich, Peter Heller, Martha Hill, Vivienne Hodges, Pat Horner, Carol Hornig, Hatti Iles, Annette Jaret, Michael Joyce, Laura Katz, Mary Katz, Mark Kessler, Pat Kelly, Lenny Kislin, John Kleinhans, Anthony Krauss, Gretchen Langheld, Lucy Lasky, Polly M. Law, Gay Leonhardt, Lois Linet, Robert Lipgar, Harriet Livathinos, Penelope Levine,
Patrick F. Loughran, Dolores Lynch, Maralyn Master, Lorna Massie, Edward Martin, Susan McCarthy, Dan McCormack, Alan McKnight, Elin Menzies, Friedrike Merck, Linda Miller, Wilma Miller, Erica Minglis, Pat Mooney, Joy Moore, Michelle Moran, Art Murphy, Vince Natale, Jennifer E. Neff, Susan J. Neff, Basha Ruth Nelson, Paula Nelson, Ze’ev Willy Neumann, Joyce Nicol, Stephen Niccolls, Petra Nimtz, Sandra Nystrom, Mirav Ozeri,
Bryan Perrin, Susan Phillips, Karen Riedener, Christine Riecke, Sharon Rousseau, Marilyn Rowley, Leah Rubenstein, Lucette Runsdorf, Susan Sammis, David Sarlin, Angela P. Schapiro, Sandra Scheuer, Jeffrey Schiller, Lois Schnakenberg, Istar Schwager
Sam Scoggins, Robert Selkowitz, Patricia Seminara, Nanette Shapiro, Sandra Palmer Shaw, Rita Sherry, Roberta Sickler, Julie Sitney, Susan Sommer, Loren Standlee, Eleanor Steffen, Clara Steinzor, Carol Struve, Maria Sultan, Nancy Summers, Fran Sutherland, Barbara Tepper Levy, Llyn Towner, David Troy, Barbara Velazquez, Karl J. Volk, Rob Wade,
Peter Wallach, Claudia Waruch, Leslie Waxtel, Sylvia Ruth Weinberg, Karen Whitman,
Marlene Wiedenbaum, Lisa Williams, Marcie Woodruff, Ian Worpole, Peg Wright, Iris York, Jean Young, Manizhe Zahedi,

Year End Awards:
Sally Jacobs/Phoebe Towbin Award ($500):Alan McKnight 
Yasuo Kuniyoshi Award ($500):Bobby Blitzer
Leilani Claire Award for Outstanding Photograph of the Year ($100):Susan Phillips
Mary Wilson Award for Outstanding Landscape or
Still Life of the Year ($100): Mandara Calderon
Robert Angeloch Award for Excellence in Printmaking ($100):Wilma Miller
Small Works Show 
Juror: Andrea Cabane, Photographer, Owner, Cabane Gallery in Phoenicia
Alan Greenhalgh/Laura Gurton Award ($100): Yale Epstein
Honorable Mention:Marilyn Rowley, Susan Sammis and Maria Sultan
Artists in the Small Works Show:

Gertrude Abramson, Eric Angeloch, Elizabeth Broad, Mercedes Cecilia, Diane Christi, David Morris Cunningham. Carol Davis, Penny Dell, E. S. DeSanna, Margarete de Soleil, Bonnie Carlson Diana, Yale Epstein, Lynne Friedman, Reidunn Fraas, Angela Gaffney-Smith, Patti Gibbons, Bob Glassman, Dan Goldman, Calvin Grimm, Martha Hill, Beth Humphrey, Laura Katz, Lenny Kislin, John Kleinhans, Penelope Levine, Dolores Lynch, Gretchen Langheld, Howard Finkelson, Harriet Livathinos, Susan McCarthy, Dan McCormack, Wilma Miller, Michelle Moran, Art Murphy, Vince Natale, Paula Nelson, Stephen Niccolls, Bryan Perrin, Susan Phillips, Marilynn Rowley, Susan Sammis, Roberta Sickler, Maria Sultan, Llyn Towner, Peg Wright,

The Under 40 Show – Juror: Greg Slick

Amy Elizabeth Barber, Dawn Breeze, Sadie Burzan, Nathan Gorgen, Faheem Haider, Erica Hauser, , Donald Hyatt, Jon Irving, Mollie McKinley, Melissa Ellen Moore, Stephen Protoss,Molly Rausch, April Warren,
Active Member Wall
Loel Barr
Highlights from the Permanent Collection
Curated by WAAM interns
Lilah Anderson and Gabriel Rose 
In the YES Gallery

Woodstock Artists Association & Museum
28 Tinker Street Woodstock NY12498

Gallery Talk
Saturday, November 10, 2:30 pm
George Bellows:
Painter in New York
Presented by Ron Netsky,
Chairman of the Art Department, Nazareth College, Rochester, and co-curator of the exhibition
George Bellows at Woodstock
(Memorial Art Gallery, 2003).
This Speakers in the Humanities event is FREE
and is made possible through the support of the
New York Council for the Humanities,
a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.


Woodstock, NY: The Woodstock Artists Association and Museum (WAAM) presents the lecture George Bellows: Painter in New York on Saturday, November 10 at 2:30 pm. The talk, presented by artist and curator Ronald Netsky, is one in a series focusing on artists in the WAAM Permanent Collection. This Speakers in the Humanities event is free and made possible through the support of the New York Council for the Humanities, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

From vibrant paintings of Manhattan to lively landscapes and portraits done in Woodstock, George Bellows (1882-1925) captured New York with an exuberance indicative of what he termed “emotional realism.”Bellows was regarded as one of America’s greatest artists when he died at the age of 42 from a ruptured appendix. His early fame rested on his powerful depictions of boxing matches and gritty scenes of New York City’s tenement life, but he also painted cityscapes, seascapes, war scenes, and portraits, and made illustrations and lithographs that addressed many of the social, political, and cultural issues of the day.

George Bellows is represented in the WAAM Permanent Collection by several drawings and lithographs, including the artist’s War Series from 1918 that depicted German atrocities in Belgium.

Bellows is the subject of a comprehensive retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, November 15, 2012 through February 18, 2013. The WAAM is holding a bus trip to see the exhibition at the Met on the opening day, Thursday, November 15. Space is limited. For information call  845-679-2940 .

Ronald Netsky, Professor of Art at Nazareth College, served as co-curator of Leaving for the Country: George Bellows at Woodstock, an exhibition that originated at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, New York, and traveled to the Terra Museum of American Art in Chicago, as well as other venues. He recently curated the exhibition Woodstock Prints: Past and Present that ended November 3 at the Woodstock School of Art.

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