Call for Entries: Far and Wide, The 5th Annual Woodstock Regional Show

Far and Wide 2013 Call Postcard bothsides LT

Click here for prospectus: Far & Wide Prospectus

Submission deadline : March 11

Juror: Annina Nosei

Annina Nosei, of Italian origin, American adopted, is one of the most influential living art dealers, known for her ability to recognize emerging artistic talents. In the world of art she is universally known for having discovered Jean Michel Basquiat, but there are many other famous artists who have taken their first steps towards recognition with her. The list includes Julian Schnabel, Jeff Koons, Keith Haring, Shirin Neshat, and many others.



Keith Haring

Shirin Neshat Rapture 1999Besides having discovered artists of great reputation, by now consecrated in the art world, her importance relies in the prominence she gave to female artists, concurring in a crucial way to the renewal and progress of the art system. From Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer, to Jenny Watson and Heidi McFall, the care for women can be considered one of her trademarks.

untitled 1986 Barbara Kruger


woman in black dress Jenny Watson

Besides, it was greatly to her credit to bring to the fore non-Western art, importing as first in New York South American artists (Julio Galan, Guillermo Kuitca), Middle Eastern (Tsibi Geva, Ghada Amer) and Africans (Cheri Samba), which thanks to her are now world renowned.

255oaxaca1 Julio Galan


Tsibi Geva Bird 2005 M

3PeaceGarden1_2002 Gharda Amercheri samba

Annina Nosei video: 

Biographical/Historical note

The Annina Nosei Gallery was a New York City gallery founded in 1981 by the Italian-American curator Annina Nosei. Based in SoHo and, after 1995, in Chelsea, the gallery was instrumental in introducing to a market largely dominated by minimalism and conceptual art the work of Italian and German figurative painters as well as young Americans painting in the style that was to become known as Neo-Expressionism. From its inception until its closing in 2005, the Annina Nosei Gallery continued to promote young artists.

Annina Nosei was born in Rome, Italy, and received doctorates in literature and philosophy from the University of Rome, where she studied under the art historian Giulian Carlo Argan, writing a thesis on Duchamp for him. She received a Fulbright in 1964 to study in the United States, where she taught at the University of Michigan and later at UCLA, St. John’s University in Manhattan, and Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn.

While teaching at UCLA in 1965, Nosei met the art dealer John Weber, to whom she was married from 1966 to 1973. Her first gallery experience was in helping to organize and install shows at Weber’s gallery in Los Angeles. In 1979, Nosei began to show and deal art in a loft owned by Larry Gagosian at 421 West Broadway, New York City, across the street from the Leo Castelli Gallery. In 1980, Nosei opened her own gallery in SoHo at 100 Prince Street. In 1995, the gallery moved to 530 West 22nd Street, in Chelsea, and closed in 2005.

Nosei is probably most known for being Jean-Michel Basquiat’s first dealer, from 1981 to about 1983, and for providing him with materials and with a space to work (the gallery’s basement).



Though known primarily for representing German and American Neo-Expressionists and Italian New Image painters, the Annina Nosei Gallery represented or exhibited a diverse range of artists, such as Barbara Kruger, Robert Longo, Julio Galan, Ghada Amer, Jenny Watson, Shirin Neshat, Tsibi Geva, Graciela Hasper, and Alan McCollum.

Intimate Immensity Robert Longo


Collection of ninety drawings Allan McCollum


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All images, copy and video copyright to respective owners.

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