This Saturday March 23rd 4 pm, Charlie Grosso Presents “Wok the Dog”


CHARLIE GROSSO, Photographer and Director of Baang and Burne Contemporary Gallery in Chelsea, NYC and Juror for the March group show presents Wok The Dog, her award winning photo exposé of world food markets, which has been widely exhibited in NYC, LA, and across Europe.

Charlie has been working on this comprehensive and eye-opening project for 14 years: by the end of 2011 she had photographed 21 countries and 82 cities. In 2008 she won the Public Choice Award for Documentary Photography/Px3 Prix de la Photographie in Paris, France.

Wok the Dog

Food for thought whether you are a meat eater or not, it is as well to know how meat for food is treated in many of the countries and cultures of the world. The material is presented factually, without judgement or bias for you to come to your own conclusions. Whatever your thoughts and feelings on this subject, you will come away from Charlie’s talk with more knowledge and information


Guy, Basket, Market and Piggy, Masaya, Nicaragua 2009
Wok The Dog

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Charlie Grosso, is a Chinese American woman with a male Italian name. Her photography based work revolves around the themes of home, food, sex and personal narrative. She is best known for her photographs of food markets and street scenes in East Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East. Her series “Wok the Dog”, a photo exposé of food markets around the world, has been widely exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, and across Europe. After graduating from the University of Southern California, Grosso studied photography with several well-known commercial photographers, including Jay Maisel, Bobbi Lane and Jim McHugh. Her work has been nominated for several awards including the Hasselblad Masters and the International Photography Award. In 2008 she was awarded the Public Choice Awards for Documentary Photography for the Px3 Prix de la Photographie in Paris, France.


Mr. Baang and Mr. Burne  (Kesha Bruce & Charlie Grosso)

of Baang and Burne Contemporary Gallery in Chelsea, NYC

See the latest adventures of this unconventional gallery with the spirit of an indie rock band  at the Armory Show 1013, where The Word On Everybody’s Lips Is Cliteracy


Press: Wok the Dog

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