Llyn Towner Solo Show Opening Reception Tomorrow, Monday May 20th 5 – 7pm

towner sign(3)WAAM Artist Llyn Towner Solo Show “Then & Now” at the Healing Arts Gallery, Ellenville Regional Hospital May 6 – June 21.

Opening reception Monday May 20, 5pm – 7pm

The Gallery is open 8am to 8 pm daily and is free to the public.

Ellenville Regional Hospital is located on Route 209 in Ellenville. Enter through main entrance, turn right at information desk and the gallery is second door on the left.

Llyn Towner: Artist’s Statement

Llyn Towner B&WA life-long gouache painter, though always willing to explore the properties of other materials such as plaster, wax and ink, I began to use pastel in earnest a few years ago. After a while, gouache began to insist on being part of the work and indeed, there is a strong relationship between the opaque water color gouache, made with pigment, chalk and gum Arabic and dry pastels which are also made from pigment, water, a binder such as gum Arabic and sometimes chalk or kaolin clay.

I am currently immersed in abstract drawing and painting, using a variety of media including pastel, conté, graphite, ink, and gouache on a variety of materials. Very recently I have been exploring the properties of pastel on corrugated cardboard, the square, three color compositions and the endless shapes offered by the intersecting line. Mark-making holds my attention as I continue to explore the formal elements of composition. The journey continues.

All I need is the Air that I Breathe...All I need is the Air That I Breathe…


Helpless by the PoolHelpless by the Pool

Cafe OrlinCafe Orlin

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