Carolee Schneemann Flange 6 rpm at P.P.O.W.

Flange 6 rpm

Carolee Schneemann Flange 6 rpm 


Carolee Schneemann, ‘Vulva’s Morphia,’ 1995.

(Courtesy the artist and PPOW)

“Vulva’s Morphia consists of thirty-six images which address normative taboos within an undulating grid of Paleolithic vulvas inscribed on rocks as well as sacred, obscene, scientific, and self-photographed vulvic images. Each sectional grid is underlined with a taboo reflection. For instance, “Vulva reads biology and understands she is an amalgam of proteins and oxytocin hormones which govern all her desires….”

More Information:

Saw Over Want 1980

Carolee Schneemann, Saw Over Want 1980 – 82.
Self-shot photographic grid: chromaprints, dye, text inserts on wood, 77 x 99 inches.

“Saw Over Want, 1980-82 and Vulva’s Morphia, 1995, are composed from photographic grids separated by strips of text that accentuate and destabilize their associated images. The text in Saw Over Want, is taken from Schneemann’s childhood alphabet exercises. The words “saw”, “want”, and “over” have been repeatedly practiced. Strips of text underline images of ordinary objects and self-shot erotic body details. This contrast produces an aesthetic seepage. “

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