New York: Saugerties Small Town Parade Show 5 – 26 July, 2013

MangerPhotography Show:

Small Town Parade
Exhibition – Opening Reception
Friday, July 5, 2013
6-9 PM
Saugerties Performing Arts Factory (SPAF)
169 Ulster Ave., Saugerties, NY
Through July 26
Like almost every small town in America, Saugerties, NY takes great pride in its annual Fourth of July Parade.  And while these parades all share many of the same elements, the local charm and cast of characters are what make each one unique. Local photographer, Allen Bryan, knows that all too well. Every year he shoots the parade, recording his own observations as only a skilled professional can.
Last year he added a new wrinkle to his plans. Bryan contacted a group of professional photographers, each with ties to the area, inviting them to join him to help record the 2012 Saugerties event. Ten of us responded enthusiastically to the idea of a joint project. On a personal level, we each enjoyed the experience, and benefited from the camaraderie (in an occupation that tends more toward solitude). It wasn’t until we sat together afterward, comparing images, that we realized we had recorded a very unique and appealing take on a quintessentially American event. It seemed only appropriate that we attempt to show the work in Saugerties where it originated. And now that we’ve been invited to hang the show at SPAF (The Saugerties Performing Arts Factory) we look forward to sharing the project with the residents of Saugerties and the greater Hudson Valley.
The eleven photographers, all listed below, are each accomplished in both the fine art and commercial arenas and show their work both locally and internationally. The list of photographers is as follows:
(these are active links)
Information on each photographer, their images, as well as links to their respective websites, can be found at our website

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