Local Artists in the News – Catherine Murphy at Byrdcliffe Kleinert/James Gallery

The Inimitable and Influential Art of Catherine Murphy by John Yau in Hyperallergic 

Catherine Murphy Persimmon 1991

Catherine Murphy Persimmon 1991

” I have been following Catherine Murphy since 1980, when I first saw her work at Xavier Fourcade. My interests are purely selfish: she is uncompromising in ways that I admire, which is to say she is not dogmatic. Always in hot pursuit of what she sees — subjects so commonplace and underfoot that other painters working in a parallel vein would not think of looking at twice — her subjects have become more memorable to me as the years pass: a balloon floating against the ceiling of a girl’s bedroom; a bathroom sink half full of water, with hair floating in it; a dirty tablecloth; a hole in the ground; a paint spattered studio floor; a cut-paper snowflake taped to a windowpane; a window at night, surrounded by Christmas lights. In these and many other paintings and drawings, Murphy transforms the bedrock bleakness of our daily life into something unforgettable.”

There’s much more good stuff and you can read the full article here

Courtesy Hyperallergic

(All images courtesy Peter Freeman, Inc)

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