Woodstock Nights! Art21Film -TIME – Friday September 13, 7pm – FREE

How do artists evoke and transform time in their work? Can a work of contemporary art be timeless? How does contemporary art relate to art of the ancient past, to nature, and to the rhythms of the life? This “Art in the Twenty-First Century” one hour documentary “Time” explores these questions through the work of Charles Atlas, Martin Puryear, Paul Pfeiffer, Vija Celmins and Tim Hawkinson.

Paul Pfeiffer

Paul Pfeiffer

This free event is part of Art21‘s Access 100 Artists, a celebration of contemporary art and Art in the Twenty-First Century, Season One through Six, sponsored by Art21. Visit art21.org for more information.

vija celmins

vija celmins


Tim Hawkinson

Tim Hawkinson

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2 replies

  1. Would love to see this but wish it hadn’t been scheduled on erev Yom Kippur… the holiest night in the Jewish calendar…kinda like doing it on Xmas eve, only worse in this community with a large Jewish population.



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