New WAAM Member Shows Opening Today Saturday, October 12 Reception: 4 – 6pm

Mary Anne Erickson

Mary Anne Erickson

Main Gallery
October Group Show  
Juror: M. Stephen Doherty, Formerly editor-in-chief forAmerican Artist magazine for 31 years.  Now editor of PleinAir, a magazine dedicated to people who enjoy artwork based on direct  observation of nature.
Alan Koff Award($100): Mary Anne Erickson

Honorable Mention: Pia Oste-Alexander, Marjorie Grinnell, Lorna Massie 
Artists in the exhibition:
Gertrude Abramson, Nic Abramson, Eric Angeloch,

Loel Barr, Bobby Blitzer, Maxine Davidowitz, Carol Davis, Janet M. Lee Dow, Chris Engel, Mary Anne Erickson, Angela Gaffney-Smith, Judy Glasel, F.B. Goodwin, Patti Gibbons, Katherine Gray, Marjorie Grinnell, F.Tor Gudmundsen, Marilyn Hauser, David Holt, John Kleinhans, Anthony Krauss,

Lucy Lasky, Anna Contes Maguire, James Martin, Kate McGloughlin, Alan McKnight, Lorna Massie,

Wilma Miller, Bruce Moor, Michelle Moran, Vince Natale, Pia Oste-Alexander, Carol Pepper-Cooper,

Susan Phillips, Ann Porter, Rosalind Robertson, Amy Rosen, Angela P. Schapiro, Jeffrey Schiller,

Sandra Sheuer, Michael Scudder, Nanette Shapiro, Fran Sutherland, Llyn Towner,

Rob Wade, Marlene Wiedenbaum, David Witkus

Bob Glassman

Bob Glassman

Founders Gallery
Small Works
Juror: Brenda Goodman: Figurative painter. Winner of NFA and National Endowment fellowships.
Sandra Palmer Shaw Award ($100): Bob Glassman
Honorable Mention: Vince Natale, Peg Wright
Artists in the exhibition: J.H. Aronson, Joan Barker, Edward J. Berkise, Elizabeth Broad, Sophia K. Browne, Diane Christi, E.S. DeSanna, Patti Gibbons, Bob Glassman, Pat Horner, F.B. Goodwin, Annette Jaret, John Kleinhans, Gretchen Langheld, Mary Licause, James Martin, Kate McGloughlin, Joy Moore, Vince Natale, Barbara Velazquez, jd weiss, Peg Wright
Elise Pittelman

Elise Pittelman

Solo Show: Elise Pittelman

Images of Jamaica


Active Member Wall: Mari-Claire Charba

Youth Exhibition Space
Community Collage Project

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