Richard Frumess – founder R&F PAINTS Saturday November 16 at 5 pm

Photo of RF


Encaustic, the legendary wax painting medium of ancient Greece, disappeared with the fall of the Classical world and only fully reappeared in the 20th Century. It is renowned for its extraordinary opulence, but it also embodies a tremendous range of symbolism – permanence because it is impervious and stable, impermanence because it can go from solid to liquid to solid, fragility because it is brittle, mutability because it remains receptive to reworking, fertility because of its inherent connection with the bees that produce it.

This talk will explore the physical as well as the conceptual and metaphorical properties with which encaustic endows the artist.

Originally a painter, Richard Frumess founded R&F Handmade Paints in 1988. R&F is an international pioneer in the manufacture of encaustic paint, the education of encaustic technique, and the promotion of artists who work in encaustic.

Click here for video: Color With Intent 

Frumess has lectured and written numerous articles on the history, materials, and techniques of encaustic. His essays have appeared in Waxing Poetic: Encaustic Art in America, published by the Montclair Art Museum (1999), and Encaustic Works 2005, published by the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art.

Woodstock Artists Association and Museum28 Tinker Street, Woodstock, New York 12498 • 845-679-2940 • info@woodstockart.org

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