Happy Birthday Mary Quant


In this file picture taken on November 16, 1966 British stylist Mary Quant, designer of the famous mini-skirt, shows the Order of the British Empire medal that she received from Queen Elizabeth II for services to fashion as she leaves Buckingham Palace in London. While admiting a certain nostalgia for the spark and innovation of 1960’s London, but maintaining a keen eye on current fashions, Icon of 1960’s “Swinging London” and creator of the miniskirt, British designer Mary Quant the British will celebrate her 80th Birthday on February 11, 2014

AFP PHOTO/CENTRAL PRESS. By: Anne Laure Mondesert

LONDON (AFP).- The creator of the mini-skirt, British designer Mary Quant, turns 80 on Tuesday still brimming with enthusiasm for fashion and women’s rights. She admits a certain nostalgia for the “high excitement and innovation” of 1960s “Swinging London”, but told AFP it was “wonderful to be a woman and alive right now”. “Women are enjoying their lives more than ever before,” she said in an emailed statement, and gave an approving nod to current trends: “It is all legs and bottoms.” Quant scandalised British society with her frank views on sex and her thigh-skimming skirts and shift dresses worn with coloured tights.

More Information: http://artdaily.com/news/68028/Mary-Quant–Mini-skirt-creator-and-queen-of-Swinging-London-#.UvZYrmJdWvQ[/url]
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