The National Gallery, UK, Acquires First Ever George Bellows Painting

Men of the Docks George Bellows

Men of the Docks George Bellows

LONDON.- The National Gallery has acquired its first major American painting – the 1912 work ‘Men of the Docks ‘ by George Bellows (1882–1925). This is the first painting by the acclaimed American artist to enter a UK public collection. The painting has been purchased from Randolph College in Lynchburg, Virginia, as part of a new, transatlantic academic partnership, the first of its kind between an American college and a UK gallery. The National Gallery has used some of the fund established by the late Sir Paul Getty and has also received exceptional support from anonymous sources in order to buy the painting for $25.5 million. The acquisition of ‘Men of the Docks’, a work made in the Western painting tradition at a vital moment of experiment and innovation in the early years of the 20th century, introduces a previously overlooked dimension to the National Gallery’s collection. It also marks a new direction in its acquisition policy – seeking to represent paintings in the Western European tradition, rather than solely those made by artists working in Western Europe.

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