Woodstock (the Festival ) – New Hudson River Festival Is Announced

Rock On Dave Grunland???

Rock On
Dave Grunland???

45 Years After Woodstock, New Hudson River Festival Is Announced

(NYT) – Nearly 45 years after Woodstock, a new festival is going up the country – or, at least, up the Hudson River – to bring a three-day weekend’s worth of music to the New York area. The Hudson Project, a new music and arts festival promising more than 85 musical acts, will make its debut this year from July 11 through 13, and will be held at the Winston Farm in Saugerties, N.Y., its organizers said on Tuesday. The Hudson Project promises four stages’ worth of performances – musicians were not immediately disclosed but are expected to be announced next week – as well as an emphasis on local arts and crafts; gourmet food, wine and beer; and “a wide range of camping choices from top-level luxury accommodations,” according to a news release. Courtesy the New York Times:


Resident Says Woodstock (the Town) Should Capitalize on 50th Anniversary of Woodstock (the Festival) 
(Daily Freeman) WOODSTOCK, N.Y. – The 50th anniversary of the famed Woodstock music festival is still five years away, but there already is talk of marking the occasion in the town that gave the iconic concert its name, even while forcing it to relocate 70 miles away, to the Sullivan County community of Bethel. Town resident Barry Samuels urged the town Board this week to use the festival’s upcoming golden anniversary to draw worldwide attention to the town that shunned the iconic cultural event of the 1960s.

English: The crowd at Woodstock fills a natura...

English: The crowd at Woodstock fills a natural amphitheatre with the stage at the bottom. Deutsch: Das Publikum des Woodstock Festivals füllte ein natürlichen Amphitheater, in dessen Boden sich die Bühne befand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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