Food for thought from William Powhida and Whitney Kimball courtesy Hyperallergic

Redefining the Role of the Artist


The Studio in Crisis panelists at Cabinet

The Studio in Crisis panelists at Cabinet

““Once speculators see an artist, they think there goes the neighborhood. You’re seen as the enemy in our neighborhoods, and that has to change.” I don’t think this is what the crowd of expectant white folk came to hear at last Thursday’s Skowhegan-led panel titled “Studio in Crisis,” but the candid remarks from Brooklyn’s Deputy Borough President Diana Reyna set the tone for the night’s discussion. It was as though Reyna, the first Dominican-American woman elected to public office in New York State, poured a bucket of cold water over the audience, by re-framing the debate from what artists need, to what can artists offer their communities. This raised a number of uncomfortable issues—the lack of racial diversity among the audience, the ethical implications of studio spaces in low-income neighborhoods, and centrally, the possibility of having to give something up or contributing outside the studio.”

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“The Real Estate Show” Slideshow and Commentary


Image for the original Real Estate Shpw Courtesy James Fuentes Gallery

Image for the original Real Estate Shpw Courtesy James Fuentes Gallery


“It’s worse than we could have ever imagined”, artist Peggy Lynn remarked on Friday night at the re-opening of the 1980 “The Real Estate Show.” Then, the neighborhood was broken down and filled with drug dealers and thug landlords; now it’s an upscale corporate development. This is worse.

But whatever you think of the changes to the Lower East Side, things have more or less come full circle since the 1980 “Real Estate Show”, in which Colab and various neighborhood artists broke into a locked building at 125 Delancey Street to protest the city’s policy of sustained neglect. (Full story here). That site on 125 Delancey Street will soon become one of the several SPURA/Essex Crossing mega developments.”

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Cover image: Rendering of the proposed Warhol Museum as part of the SPURA/Essex Crossing development (Image courtesy of

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