Gulabi Gang – Sunday May 11, 5pm – Special WAAM Film Event

A special film event with Nishtha Jain who will screen her award winning documentary film Gulabi Gang, followed by a discussion with the film maker.  


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(96 min – Hindi with English Subtitles – $10/$7 members)

” The film is genuinely entertaining, shot through with wry humour and an unblinkered view of life in rural India.”  Time Out Delhi

Synopsis Enter the badlands of Bundelkhand in central India and you have entered a place of desolation, dust and despair. And yet it is hope that this film discovers, as it follows the Gulabi Gang, an unusual group of rural women. Led by the energetic and charismatic Sampat Pal, they travel long distances to fight for the rights of women and Dalits. They encounter resistance, apathy and corruption, even ridicule. Sometimes whole villages connive against them to protect the perpetrators of violence. The film pulls us into the centre of these blazing conflicts and uncovers a complex story, disturbing yet heartening.


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Official trailer

Excerpt from film:


Praise for Gulabi Gang:

“Documentary film Gulabi Gang, supported by “Ship of Theseus” actor Sohum Shah, has received critical appreciation, a rare feat for a documentary in India. Says Sohum, “I found the film extremely engaging. There is humour in it and the twists and turns of the narrative kept me hooked. I took on the project to bring the story of Sampat Pal Devi to light and I am glad that my efforts have been appreciated.” – Times of India

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 “Director Nishtha Jain offers us a front row seat to India’s heart of darkness. Here a girl can be married at 11 and burned to death at 15. Women, even those strong enough to be part of the Gulabi Gang, support honor killings. The parents of murdered girls shrug, take money in exchange for silence and life goes on.  Except that Sampat Pal makes sure that it doesn’t. The gang comprises women vigilantes who wear pink saris and wield sticks. They find strength in numbers and fight against abusive husbands, corrupt politicians and police. We are told the gang has 150,000 members. Sampat Pal is remarkable for her strength and courage but Jain also captures the contradictions in this revolution. Pal has power. People touch her feet. She can get things done – in places, she seems like a don. What she has wrought is incredible and inspiring. Gulabi Gang is a fascinating portrait of the power of one.” from Anupama – The Front Row:

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“A deeply affecting work that reminds us of the vulnerability of women in rural India, and shines a light on the efforts of this group to protect, educate, and empower their gender against cruel husbands, corrupt politicians, and an orthodox, regressive mindset. The film, which I strongly recommend that you watch, is a testament to their courageous work and the difference they have made.” Rajeev Masand’s review of Gulabi Gang:


Nishtha Jain is an award winning filmmaker based in Mumbai.  Ms Jain will be in the US for the screening of Gulabi Gang in New York City at the New York India Film Festival on Saturday May 10th.  She will be coming to Woodstock for a screening of her film at Woodstock Artists Association and Museum on Sunday May 11th.  The screening will be followed by Q&A and discussion.

Director–  Nishtha Jain is an independent Indian filmmaker.  She has directed several films including the critically acclaimed City of Photos (2005) and Lakshmi and Me (2008).  She studied film direction at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. Together with Smriti Nevatia Jain, she created an independent documentary outfit Raintree Films based out of Mumbai. Her films have received numerous awards and have been extensively shown in international film festivals, broadcast on international TV networks and regularly shown in schools and colleges in India and abroad.



WINNER: Best Documentary, Dubai International Film Festival, 2012

WINNER: Best Documentary, Kortfilmfestivalen, Grimstad, Norway 2012

WINNER: First Amnesty International Human Rights Award, Tri-Continental IFF, South Africa 2013

WINNER: Amnesty International Award for Human Rights, Planete-doc Review, Warsaw 2013

WINNER: Best Documentary, International Association of Women in Radio & Television(IAWRT) 2013

WINNER: Best Director, Mumbai International Film Festival, Mumbai, 2014

Producer                   Torstein Grude, Piraya Films, Norway

Co-producer              Nishtha Jain, Raintree Films, India

Co-Producer              Signe Bryge Sorenson, Anne Kohncke, Final Cut For Real

Supported by 

Sundance Documentary Fund


Norwegian Film Institute

Danish Film Institute Film Fund

Nordic TV and Film Fund






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