SPLASH! WAAM Benefit Saturday May 17, 2014 at 5:30 – 8 pm

splash logo 2014

Join us for great food, drinks and fun!

We’re getting ready for the big Splash! event this Saturday from 5:30 to 8 pm. Got the Little Gems up on the walls today. Over 100 works for $100 each. You’ll have no trouble finding one you like. The show looks great! Thanks to all the talented artists who donated work. Here are the gems peeping out from behind the coverings, to be dramatically unveiled tomorrow! 


splash little gems

Beautiful Small Works donated by the following artists:  Gertrude Abramson, Bruce Ackerman, Anonymousblonde, J. H. Aronson, Joan Barker, Loel Barr, Irwin Berman, Bobby Blitzer, Jane Bloodgood-Abrams, Josephine Bloodgood, Daniel C. Boyer, Silvia Soares Boyer, Mercedes Cecilia, Mari-Claire Charba, Dot Chast, Scott Clugstone, Chris Collins, David Morris Cunningham, Frank D’Astolfo, Maxine Davidowitz, Carol Davis, Penny Dell, E.S. DeSanna, Judith Emilie, Yale Epstein, Mary Anne Erickson, Paulette Esrig, Michael Fattizzi, Patti Ferrara, Stacie Flint, Reidunn Fraas, Lynne Friedman, Fran Garofalo, Judy Glasel, Diane Jones Godfrey, Mary Anna Goetz, Doris Goldberg, Maddie Goldman, Jose Gomez, Hana Gordon, Katherine Gray, Ethel Green, F. Tor Gudmundsen, Laura Gurton, Catherine Hazard, Franz Heigemeir, Marianne Heigemeir, Peter Heller, Pat Horner, Hatti Iles, Annette Jaret, Pat Kelly, John Kleinhans, Kathryn Kosto, Lois Linet, Robert Lipgar, Harriet Livathinos, Dolores Lynch, Irwin Marcus, Dorothea Marcus, David Marell, Anthony Margiotta, Dan McCormack, Alan McKnight, Wilma Miller, Jeffrey Milstein, Erica Minglis, Nick Minglis, Joy Moore, Michelle Moran, Art Murphy, Susan J. Neff, Paula Nelson, Jean Newburg, Susan Nickerson, Joyce Nicol, Susan Nicolini, Sandra Nystrom, Pia Oste-Alexander, Lynn Patterson, Susan Phillips, Karen Riedener, Amy Rosen, Sharon Rousseau, Leah Rubenstein, Lucette Runsdorf, David Sarlin, Angela P. Schapiro, Istar Schwager, Patricia Seminara, Nanette Shapiro, Sandra Palmer Shaw, Rita Sherry, Roberta Sickler, Janet Siskind, Eleanor Steffen, Clara Steinzor, Fran Sutherland, Barbara Tepper-Levy, Llyn Towner, Carl Van Brunt, Karl J. Volk, Pamela Wardwell, jd weiss, David Witkus, Marlene Wiedenbaum, Marcie Woodruff, and Iris York.


The Silent Auction is set-up and can be previewed at the WAAM today until 6:00 pm today Friday. A list of items up for bids in both the silent and live auctions can be found on the WAAM website at http://www.woodstockart.org/waam-benefit-splash/

splash silent auction


And the food, don’t forget the food from our Catering Sponsor Chef Ric Orlando & New World Home Cooking!!


Chef Ric Orlando



Trio of Colorful Hummus & Flatbread

House-made Pates: Lenny B’s Smoked Trout, Local Chicken Liver, and Mushroom Pate, Grilled Toast

Cheeses, Dried Fruits


Strawberry-Chevre Bruschette

Quinoa Stuffed Artichokes

Mini Eggplant Balls on Toothpicks

Smoked Trout Mousse in Filo

Poke of Tuna Hand Rolls

Beef of Randang Cups

Oh and the drinks, ah yes, from Lenny Bee’s Woodstock Winery

Lenny Bee's Woodstock Winery

And you may be tempted by a magical potion that packs a punch……………

And the music, live music throughout the evening from Nancy Tierney and the Boys delivered with “song, sass and spirit”

 Nancy Tierney and the BOys


At 6 pm, the music will pause briefly for a Live Auction of a week-long Cape Cod Get-Away; two night stay at the, Old Stone Farm, Staatsburg, NY; prints by Milton Glaser; “Bob Dylan InfraRed” by Elliott Landy; performances by Grammy-nominated Elizabeth Mitchell, master magician Peter Samelson, or Jazz virtuosos Perry Beekman and Lou Pappas in your home; a book of ten tickets for Maverick Concerts‘ 2014 season; an intimate dinner with Robert and Nena Thurman at The Red Onion; and dinner for six at Leah and Dan Rubenstein‘s waterfall with cocktails, goat feeding, and egg gathering. Click here for more info and a list of Silent Auction items. Silent Auction closes at 7:30 pm.
New sound system throughout the galleries!
It’ll be a lot of fun so do come
Food, Wine, Art, Music & More!

$35 at the door / $30 in advance
click to purchase tickets
or call 845-679-2940
The Splash is held with support from RONDOUT SAVINGS BANK
and RUPCO 
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