Call for Board Candidates

Welcome to the WAA, Inc. Board of Directors

Welcome to the WAA, Inc.
Board of Directors

Call for Candidates

We need six (6) active artist members and one (1) associate member to run for the WAA, Inc. Board of Directors for the 

2014 – 2015 term

Dear WAAM Members:

WAAM Board Elections:  Sunday August 24th General Membership Meeting.

This is a time of change for the Woodstock Artists Association & Museum. We are in transition and the search for a new Executive Director is well underway.  This will be a new era for WAAM with a new Executive Director, a new vision, a new strategy, a new direction, new energy, and a new Board, and you can be a part of creating that future and add to the gathering momentum toward our 100th Anniversary.


Qualifications of Board members: each member shall be at least eighteen (18) years of age and shall be a member in good standing. The WAA Board of Directors consists of 11 Active Artist members and 4 Associate members. Directors are elected for a three year term (but do not always serve that long) and may run for a second consecutive three year term.

The full slate of confirmed candidates will be announced by August 14th

So far we have three declared Active Artist member candidates and two Associate member candidates

If you are willing to serve on the WAA Board, are able to commit the time to attend monthly Board meetings and work on at least one Board committee, feel that the WAAM would benefit from your skills, experience and energy and want to run for this rewarding office, please call the WAAM office at 679-2940 or email and leave a message with your name and contact information.

Nominations will be accepted for inclusion on the ballot up until July 31st when the slate will be closed so that the Nominating Committee can gather the Candidate Statements and prepare the ballot. Per the 2010 Bylaws, any member may also become a candidate by declaration prior to the actual vote, bearing in mind that most of the votes will have already been cast by that time since we may vote any time after receiving the ballot and also by proxy.

Thank you,

WAAM Nominating Committee July 12, 2014

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