Mary Anne Erickson and Jen Dragon Ride for the Relay Drive 2014

route 66

Support MA and Jen on their Route 66 trip and wear one of their team shirts with this postcard on it! Bistro to go all the way!

Dear Family and Friends,

A few months ago I was invited to be a part of this 12 day road rally on Route 66, traversing the US from its beginning in Chicago, Illinois all the way to the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California. How could I say “no”? This has been one of my dreams for years!!! So I invited my good friend and fellow artist (now gallery owner) Jen Dragon to come along for the adventure and she said “yes”! Whoo hoo! We’ve got a team!

The next step was tricky. We needed a car. We had lots of ideas and I put the word out to everyone I knew. “Know anyone who needs to move a car from east to west?” was my mantra. I knew that someone, somehow would come through and a few weeks ago I got that magical call from dear friend Martha Frankel telling me that Steve (Heller – amazing car designer, artist, sculptor and everything-empresario) had received a message from a woman who was moving to San Francisco and needed her car moved! Voila! The ultimate road trip was now hatched!

Jen and I will be driving a 2001 Toyota from Kingston to Chicago on September 4th, meeting up with the folks on the rally ( on September 5th, and off we go on the official start date September 6th! If you live in LA – come celebrate with us on September 17th at the end of the Pier. The raffle tickets will be drawn and the winners announced then.

Bottom line – as fun as this is going to be – it IS a fundraiser for The American Cancer Society. Jen and I have set a goal of raising $5,000 to help beat cancer. By donating to our team, you will help the cause AND we have created some fun incentives:

If you donate $66 you will receive our team t-shirt emblazoned with the original picture post card (above).

If you donate $100-500 you will receive our team t-shirt and an original photo postcard from the road each day.
Or buy a raffle ticket for $5, or 5 for $20 (prize is $1,000)
Or buy a t-shirt for $20. Wear it with pride! You’ll be riding with us in spirit!

Here’s the link to donate:

Wanna come along for the ride? We will be posting pictures as we go and blogging at the end of each day. Follow us:

on Facebook:
on Twitter: @Rtesixtysix
on Instagram:
on Pinterest:

Help us reach our goal and donate now! Even the smallest amount will make a big difference! And THANK YOU!!!!



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