GENERAL MEMBERSHIP  MEETING & ELECTIONS  Sunday, August 24 10:30 am WAAM, 28 Tinker St, Woodstock

Currently paid members should have already received ballots. If you did not receive a ballot within the last week by email or mail and believe you are a currently paid member or would like to renew, please contact us at 845-679-2940.

Active members may vote for both Active and Associate member candidates. Per the WAAM bylaws, Associate members may only vote for Associate candidates.

Candidates for WAAM Board of Directors *    click here for Candidate Bios 

Active Member Candidates (5) – 6 open seats

Cynthia Carlaw

Scott Clugstone

Sharon Rousseau

Llyn Towner

Iris York

Associate Member Candidates – 1 open seat

Bob Gould

Daniel Rubenstein

Kathryn Spata

* The slate remains open until the day of the election per the 2010 bylaws. Should anyone else wish to run, please contact us immediately.

Please read below about voting:

If you are currently paid-up, you were sent a unique ballot within the past week by email or mail. Please use the ballot sent to you. Check your inbox if you missed it. Ballots should be printed and returned by fax (845-679-2198 fax) or submitted in person. YOU MAY NOT VOTE BY EMAIL. These instructions are included on the ballot sent to you and are the same as last year. If you have trouble printing the ballot or believe you are eligible to vote (a currently paid member) and did not receive a ballot, please contact us immediately at 845-679-2940.

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