September Shows at WAAM – September 6 – October 5

In the Realm of the Senses  
September 6 – October 5
Juror: Judy Sigunick
A well known sculptor and printmaker who works in ceramic, multimedia, and concrete.
Elisa Pritzker Award ($100): Yale Epstein
Honorable Mention: Gloria K. Mirsky, Anthony Margiotta, and Llyn Towner
Llyn Towner,  Distraction Honorable Mention

Llyn Towner, Distraction
Honorable Mention

Artists: Loel Barr, Irwin W. Berman, Miriam Bisceglia, Dot Chast, Diane Christi, Scott Clugstone, Carol Davis, Penny Dell, Lynne Digby, Yale Epstein, Michael Esposito, Doris Goldberg, Robert Goldfarb, Alan Goolman, Calvin Grimm, Laura Gurton, Peter Heller, Pat Horner, Mary Katz, Carole P. Kunstadt, Claire Lambe, Anthony Margiotta, Linda Miller, Wilma Miller, Gloria K. Mirsky, Michelle Moran, Stephen Niccolls,  Sandra Nystrom, Pia Oste-Alexander, Amy Rosen, Janet Siskind, Julie Sitney, Llyn Towner, jd weiss, Marcie Woodruff, Peg Wright, Iris York


Small Works
Juror: Philip Sigunick, a master of pastel, focusing primarily on landscape and figure. He is also a curator and teacher.
Susan Phillips Award ($100): Stephen Niccolls
Honorable Mention:
Lucy Lasky, and Marlene Wiedenbaum

Artists: Joan Barker, Edward J. Berkise, Irwin W. Berman, Kristy Bishop, Bobby Blitzer, Stephen Blumenthal, Diane Christi, Lynne Digby, Yale Epstein, Hana Gordon, Katherine Gray, Laura Gurton, Peter Heller, Kathryn Kosto, Anthony Krauss, Carole P. Kunstadt, Lucy Lasky, Barbara Tepper Levy, Mary Licause, Robert Lipgar, Alan McKnight, Michelle Moran, Stephen Niccolls, Susan Phillips, Karen Riedener, Amy Rosen, Leah Rubenstein, Roberta Sickler, Eleanor Steffen, Agnes Tomaselli, Claudia Waruch, jd weiss, Marlene Wiedenbaum, Iris York


Randall Schmit
Solo Show: Sans Serif
New work

“Randall Schmit’s paintings often pose existential questions that are both metaphorical and openly psychological…few artists today are capable of retaining the kind of eccentric beauty, confessional poetics, and sheer visual power that characterizes the work of Randall Schmit.”    –  Robert C. Morgan


Active Member Wall
Bob Glassman



Youth Exhibition Space

Outside My Window
ArtsAction Group
Student artwork from
USA/Kosovo/Western Sahara…

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