Disintermediation: iOS app enables people to get free appraisals, instantly list and buy auction items on-the-go


iOS app enables people to get free appraisals, instantly list and buy

auction items on-the-go.

NEW YORK, NY.- Lofty, the trusted marketplace to seamlessly buy and sell fine art, antiques and collectibles online, today announced the launch of its new online platform and mobile application. By cutting out the middleman so people can sell directly to one another, Lofty is streamlining the often byzantine process of buying and selling art, making it more accessible and affordable than ever before. Lofty’s improved user experience will better enable art lovers to easily buy and sell both online and on-the-go for half the commission of traditional auction houses. Lofty now accepts more types of items for free appraisal than any other online marketplace, enabling anything of value to be virtually appraised for free. The company now provides free estimates on items in 76 categories, ranging from fine European paintings and Asian decorative arts to estate jewelry and handbags. Sellers can easily upload personal photos of any item they wish to sell. From there, sellers receive a free, virtual evaluation from Lofty’s unparalleled network of experts, and can instantly list the item for sale through either the ‘buy now’ or auction features. The seller keeps the item until it sells, at which point it is picked up by Lofty’s complementary concierge service, professionally packed and shipped to the buyer. Lofty’s experts ensure that each item is identified and valued as accurately as possible with Lofty’s unique five-year authenticity guarantee.

More Information: http://artdaily.com/news/73790/iOS-app-enables-people-to-get-free-appraisals–instantly-list-and-buy-auction-items-on-the-go#.VEZ4ayLF-29[/url]
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