The New Whitney

inside the new Whitney

Good review by Ingrid D. Rowland in New York Review of Books click here:  The New Whitney
(NYRB) by Ingrid D. Rowland – Architect Renzo Piano himself has repeatedly described the new Whitney Museum project as a ship. A native of Genoa, the hometown of Christopher Columbus, he knows a thing or two about navigation; thus his latest structure’s similarities to a seagoing vessel are neither casual nor superficial. The building itself, like a ship, is made of a steel frame sheathed in steel panels. Approaching from its east side, the side most visitors will see first, it looks like a cruise ship, with an impressively inviting stack of observation decks promising spectacular views over Lower Manhattan. From the harbor side, on the other hand, the museum reads as a container ship piled high with the portable freight units, dazzling in their simplicity, that have transformed international shipping since the 1950s. Taking an idea he had already tried, with imperfect success, at the Broad Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, Piano has spun the shape of his new ship around a stack of containers for art, vast steel-framed galleries that cover breathtaking expanses of space without any visible means of support.

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