A PLACE CALLED HOPE, a participatory workshop- No Charge – with Barbara Hammer

Barbara Hammer Photo Composite Credit Susan Wides

Barbara Hammer Photo Composite Credit Susan Wides


In late July, all of August I am leading an extraordinary workshop/art residency at CHRCH in Ulster County where I am giving my outtakes from films from the 1970s to today to people who would like to re/edit, scratch and paint, make their own short personal films using my 16mm films, Steenbeck flatbed, rewinds and Moviescope. The outtakes will be projected and re-filmed with a digital camera so that participants can edit with iMovie, FCP or any digital editing system.

At the end of August we will have an exhibition of their/our work.  This event is part of my social practice and is open to the public.  We will meet as a group several times a week in a hundred year old Lutheran Church with stained glass windows. The space is without pews or furniture and open to projection experimentation.

To register your interest please contact project manager Tona Wilson tonatw@gmail.com

For more information and support crowdfunding:


All yours in ART

Barbara Hammer

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