Creative Neighbors: Woodstock and Saugerties


Anyone with half a brain can see that the once-maligned hippies were right about too many things to list. When Vogue magazine produced a Woodstock travel guide in 2014, noting that “tie-dye is back, from the runway to home décor,” locals were unsurprised. Tie dye, around here, never went away.

The Most Famous Small Town in the World flies its peace signs with pride. A casual observer might be forgiven for thinking this place is resting on its hippie laurels, stuck in time. But quirky, iconic Woodstock, home of high-end creative pyrotechnics for well over a century, gifted and burdened with the legacy of the Iconic Concert that Wasn’t There, continues to grow into all that mojo through a constant stream of reinvention.

Counterculture is culture here, a regal generational inheritance. Icon Levon Helm’s daughter Amy, all over the mainstream media with the July release of her solo debut album, Didn’t It Rain, thanked three parents: the legendary Levon, stepfather Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, and singer-songwriter mom Libby Titus, the woman who loved them both.

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Click link for full story courtesy Chronogram:   Creative Neighbors: Woodstock and Saugerties.

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