Jaanika Peerna with Vocalist Timothy Hill


If you have not had a chance to see Jaanika Peerna’s striking exhibition and installation “Lightest of Matter” in our WAAM Solo Gallery take the opportunity to stop by this Sunday to view the exhibition and catch a singular performance by the artist and renowned harmonic singer Timothy Hill at 2 pm. Working with bundles of pencils, light, video and vellum Peerna creates complex layers of lines and manipulates material to capture the beautifully elusive processes, forces and continuity of nature. Her performances often amplify the physical connection of her body and activity to the drawings and art she creates. Timothy Hill, whose harmonic signing focuses on the often understated structure of overtones in the voice, has been praised by the New York Times as a “virtuoso of the Tibetan chanting technique.” Both artists shift our focus to these stunning subtleties in the natural world that are so often overlooked. The collaboration, layering sound, performance and visual art in the environment of Peerna’s exquisite installation in the solo gallery promises to be an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss it!

Here is a link to one of Jaanika’s performances .

Silencing Body
Jaanika Peerna
with Timothy Hill
WAAM Solo Gallery
Sunday, November 22, 2pm

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  1. This sounds fascinating and I hope to attend!



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