Where we are Standing: Contemporary Women Artists from Iran

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The Edward Hopper Art Center is featuring a compelling show titled – Where We Are Standing: Contemporary Women Artists from Iran which is showing February 20th – April 4th. The show features the work of . These three artists all grew up in Iran and later moved to North America (two to the U.S. and one to Canada).  Although their circumstances differ, they share a strong cultural identity and a common focus on issues of gender and displacement shaped by the complex political and social landscape of their homeland.

Golnar Adili will exhibit hand cut photo collages and text-based drawings featuring Persian poetry.  She says, “As an Iranian growing up in post-1979 Tehran, I have experienced separation, uprooting, and longing in its different manifestations. In my art I am compelled to decode the ways in which these events have marked me through Persian poetry, craft, and the body.”

Roya Farassat will display a selection of portraits from her series A Mirror Has Two Faces.  The paintings reflect the emotional and psychological effects of growing up in a repressive social climate.  She says, “Through elements of humor and violence I explore issues of identity, power, isolation and decay.“

Shabnam K. Ghazi will show a video installation with accompanying photographs. Her work, she says, “confirms the literal world that I perceive, but it also infuses that perception with the symbolic world that I imagine. My artwork lives in the border between reality and fantasy.”


Where we are Standing: Contemporary Women Artists from Iran
February 20 – April 24, 2016
Curated by Carole Perry

Edward Hopper House
82 North Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960
WEBSITE: http://www.edwardhopperhouse.org/

Gallery Hours
Wednesday-Sunday 12-5 pm or by appointment

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