Jerry Michalak’s “Landscapes” Featured in WAAM’s April Solo Show


Solo Show: Jerry Michalak “Landscapes”
April 2 – May 1, 2016


Throughout my career, I have always enjoyed observing the details in the ever changing appearance of wooded areas and wetlands. I have a traditional background in black and white photography and have spent several years photographing images of ice, water and snow, including the brush and bramble that make up these surroundings. In time, my work in photography began to influence the direction of my painting. As a result, I began working with winter images in mixed media on paper and abstracting snow covered woodlands on canvas.


Jerry Michalak

Over the past several years I have been emphasizing the use of color while not abandoning the use of white paint. Many of these compositions are a mixture of seasonal colors, textures and settings that are found in a variety of wooded areas. They are a comment on nature’s pushing and pulling and the disarray that is brought about by the ravages of time. These broken, trampled, frozen and distorted elements are woven into a myriad of expressive shapes, colors and patterns that dramatize the world around us.

More recently, I have been working on a number of paintings from images of the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas. Some are narratives, either obvious or obscure while others are abstractions of wooded areas in general. These works represent the beauty of the physical world, especially in its complexities and distortions.

One of my favorite artists is the American mid-century modernist, John Marin.

“I did something I rather like, a disorderly orderly sort of thing…painting disorder under a big order.”  (disorder being the chaos of the visible world) John Marin

Jerry Michalak

Jerry Michalak

To learn more about Jerry Michalak and to see more of his inspiring art visit his website:

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