In The Spotlight With Elise Pittelman

WAAM is pleased to present our exclusive interview with artist Elise Pittelman, a Hudson Valley painter and multi-media artist inspired by the creative process.


WAAM: How would you describe yourself?

Elise: I would describe myself as an artist first and foremost. I would also say that I am extremely creative and unique in all that I say and do. Not a moment goes by where I am not thinking about birthing some creative idea, whether it be a painting, a drawing, a garden or a song. Life to me is an opportunity for self expression.



WAAM: Are you a Hudson Valley native? If not, what brought you here and how long ago?

Elise: I was born in Brooklyn and raised in queens. When I married my husband at 20 years of age we had 2 dreams; one to move out of the city and one to have our own business…47 years later I would say mission accomplished.


WAAM: What & why do you create?

Elise: I create paintings, drawings, assemblages, sculptures, gardens, songs, poems, and most importantly…possibility. I create because that’s what I came into this life to do.


WAAM: What is your sustaining inspiration?

Elise: My sustaining inspiration is my connection to source energy.


WAAM: Do you have a job to support your art? How is it relevant?

Elise: I do not currently have a job. 20 year ago I sold a jewelry business that I owned with my husband called pididdly-links. I was the creative end and oversaw all of the design. The business was very successful and supports me to this day.

Thank you Elise!

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Learn more about Elise’s work:

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