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  1. I am grateful to the writer of the story of my brother Don. You have been great friends to him and made his life in Woodstock fulfilling. I look forward to meeting many of you at the gathering later on. In the meantime heartfelt thanks for being so fine and I am content to know that you will be there for the family. It is hard to be apart at this time. With gratitude, Don’s “Sister Sue”


  2. Jean’s letter

    I can’t imagine not having the WAAM in my life— I worked there for so many years as coordinator of the gallery when they were calling in the stock to buy the building, and much later when they were raising the money and gathering paintings to form the museum. Heady fun, turbulent years: reaching and stretching, sometimes triumphant they got the building and the museum. I got an education and a million different viewpoints. It was so exciting.

    During different times there I was gifted with three life-time memberships as an associate member. . . that was pretty good! Three lifetimes!

    This week I also got through the mail the following letter:

    “Leonard Levitan

    November 17,2011

    Ms. Jean Gaede
    PO Box 925
    Woodstock, NY 12498

    Dear Ms. Gaede,

    We deeply appreciate your contribution of the Maverick Notebooks to the WAAM. Your recent letter was discussed at the Oct. 7,2011 meeting of the Board of Directors. As Josephine told you we are creating a flyer and updating the Archives Webpage to promote the Maverick Notebooks as well as posting an article you write for the WAAM Blog.

    I understand despite this you are extremely dissatisfied with our efforts and have upbraided Josephine Bloodgood, our excellent Executive Director, in front of her staff today, and on another occasion, insulted our Archivist, Emily Jones. Such acts are very harmful to our organization and unforgivable behavior by a member. Such misgivings should be presented to me as Chairman. I consider your action out of line and I request you refrain from further personal contact with our staff.

    I would suggest a letter of apology to Josephine and Emily as soon as possible.

    Leonard Levitan
    Chairman of the Board “

    “I would never insult Emily. I love her. She is the grandchild of the Maverick.

    Rather than respond messy point by messy point through she said and she said and she said, I will attach my response:

    Dear Mr. Levitan,

    No, I did not know about the Board’s decisions to create a blog, a flyer and any other announcements regarding the Maverick Notebooks. It is still not clear. . . That’s what flashed my anger— Josephine had promised to be in touch with me and I waited. . .and waited, not knowing you had even had a Board meeting on the 7th of October. I had made a request to present the Collection to the Board and wanted to know their thoughts and feelings, and also wanted to get their input in creating a plan to promote them. From the 7th to the 15th is a long wait for me. I am so old, I do not even make a dinner date until after lunch.

    I am glad for any and all interests in the Maverick Notebooks. And I am offering to bring ideas to present them and care for them and learn from them.

    I have witnessed through the years so many painful clashes here at WAAM, such deep personal pain, and long term wounds— It does not help an organization to not have trust and communication.

    In your position I hope you will reconsider your harsh judgment and gather us into a mediation and onto happy times regarding the Maverick Notebooks.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Jean Lasher Gaede
    November 23, 2011



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