WAAM Solo Gallery: Lightest of Matter by Artist Jaanika Peerna

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 6.39.52 PMWAAM is pleased to present Hudson River Valley resident, artist Jaanika Peerna’s Lightest of Matter show in our Solo Gallery. Jaanika’s work captures the transitions in natural phenomena — wind or light — through drawing, video, light installations, lately also performance. Her work is found in numerous private collections in the US and Europe and has been exhibited in New York, Berlin, Paris, Tallinn, Lisbon, Sofia, Dubai, Honolulu, Novosibirsk and Rome. Be sure to stop by the gallery to see a collection of her recent works.


Jaanika Peerna
Solo show:
Lightest of Matter
October 24 – November 27

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 6.37.58 PM
I make drawings, videos and installations. My elements are line and light; my materials are pencils, vellum and video camera. I am a vessel gathering subtle and rapturous processes in nature, using the experiences and impulses to make my work.  I record mist turning into water.  I use slowly changing lights to cast shadows of mylar strips onto a wall—The slowness of shadows makes one wonder if there is any change at all.  I let wind move my body so that it leaves traces on paper. I swim through thousands of layers of gray air and mark each one down. Most of my work is born in the solitude of my studio. Sometimes public performances with musicians and dancers draw me out from the safe silence of my space and expand my drawing practice with sound and movement. I am interested in the never-ending process of becoming with no story, no beginning, no end—just the current moment in flux.” —Jaanika Peerna

To see more of Jaanika’s work, her studio and book check out her website: www.jaanikapeerna.net

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