WAAM October Group Show Now through November 29th – Stop By!

Juried by Diane Dwyer, painter and founder of the Imoggen Holloway Gallery, WAAM’s October Group Show is up until November 29th. Be sure to stop by to see exciting works by local artists including Bruce Ackerman, J. H. Aronson, Irwin W. Berman, Joanna Borrero, Eugene Caso, Carey Conaway, Carol Pepper-Cooper, Scott Clugstone, Ruth Adele Drake, Penny Dell, Paulette Esrig, Reidunn Fraas, Kari Feuer, Gail Giles, Katherine Gray, Denise Fryburg, F. B. Goodwin, David Holt, Jeff Helmuth, Holly Heppner, Laura Katz, Carole P. Kunstadt, Anthony Krauss, Harriet Livathinos, John Kleinhans, Dolores Lynch, Pia Oste-Alexander, Susan Asarian Nickerson, Elin Menzies, Tracy Phillips, Thomas Sarrantonio, Julie Sitney, Sandra Palmer Shaw, Robert Lipgar, Dan McCormack, Gloria K. Mirsky, Michelle Moran, Amy Rosen, Karen Riedener, Michael Scudder, Myra Schwartz, Sandra Scheuer, Judy Stanger, Ze’ev Willy Neumann, Sharon Rousseau, Jehan Shahly, Clara Steinzor, Jeffrey Schiller, Llyn Towner, Michael Valenti, JD weiss.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 7.11.24 PM

October Group Show
October 24 – November 29

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 6.03.08 PM

Congratulations Gloria K. Mirsky, winner of the Alan Koff Award

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