Calling All Artists! Let’s share some Good art. Good food. Good conversations.

Good food. Good art. Good conversations. On February 18th, WAAM is launching a new community series called Potluck Slideshows – a fun way to share your work, share a point-of-view, ask questions and nosh on shared potluck goodies. So save the date. But before we can exchange dialogs between members of the arts community and the general public – we need you, the artists to sign-up and commit to submitting your art.

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Submission Guidelines:
Submit images of finished pieces, experimental works, and works in progress. All submitted works will be presented in a visual, fun slideshow format that will loop throughout the evening as the backdrop to casual creative conversation among artists and friends. Feel to prepare one or two sentences about yourself and your work to share with others as your slides come up. Please follow the information below:

  • Artists may submit up to 6 images.
  • Images must be in jpeg format. Prefix each file with your name (i.e. ArtistName_01.jpg).
  • Put the images in the order that you would like them presented and number them accordingly.
  • Image size limit is 1024 pixels on the width and 768 pixels on the height
  • Videos are accepted – not to exceed 60 seconds.
  • List the following in your email for each image:  your name, title, date completed and medium.
  • Provide a separate file that includes your name,contact information and a brief biography or artist’s  statement that we will compile in a binder for the evening.


Submission Deadline:   Monday, February 1, 2016

Submissions should be sent to:

Admission to the event:  A food dish to serve four or $2.00 at the door.

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