In the Spotlight with Landscape Artist Michelle Moran

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WAAM is pleased to present an exclusive interview with artist Michelle Moran. A Woodstock NY resident, Michelle is inspired by the ever changing beauty of the Hudson Valley and Catskill region. With her home set on a mountain ridge  there’s endless sunrises, cloud drama and seasonal changes that provide stimulating subjects and inspiration for her art. You’ll find Michelle out and about in the natural world often hiking and plein-air painting with kindred spirits.



WAAM: Are you a Hudson Valley native? If not, what brought you here and how long ago?

Michelle: I have lived in Woodstock for 14 years and I have vacationed in the Catskills for 40 years.

WAAM: What & why do you create?

Michelle: What and why I create is very simple, it’s me. I was an art major in college and worked as an art and museum educator for 20 years in NJ. where I’m from.


WAAM: What is your sustaining inspiration?

Michelle: My sustaining inspiration is the beauty and ever-changing landscape of the Catskill region. I live on Overlook Mountain in a spot with great views of the Hudson valley. The sky drama and seasonal changes give me a SHOW everyday. I am never lost for inspiration. I have extensively studied the Hudson River School and continue to search for the sublime in my painting.


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