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Welcome to our new Archives page, where we’ll post fascinating and amazing stuff about the WAA of olden days.

WAA Timeline

compiled by WAAM archivist, Emily Jones


  • September 1919–tentative Woodstock Art Association formed (name was altered to Woodstock Artists Association in 1933)
  • Founders:        John F. Carlson (1875-1945)

Frank Swift Chase (1886-1958)

Andrew Dasburg (1887-1979)

Carl Eric Lindin (1869-1942)

Henry Lee McFee (1886-1953)


  • January 5, 1920—Artists’ Realty Company, Inc. incorporated
  • January 6, 1920–First meeting of the board of directors of the Artists’ Realty Company was held at the studio of Walter Goltz. At that meeting Carl Eric Lindin was elected the first president of the Artists’ Realty Company.
  • May 18, 1920–First official meeting of the Woodstock Art Association held at Capt. Jenkinson’s studio
  • June 22, 1920—first exhibition of the Woodstock Art Association opened at “the Old League Studio”
  • Preamble to a very early (if not the first) WAA constitution:

“The Art Colony of Woodstock, being unique and fortunate among art colonies in representing a great diversity of aesthetic opinion and variety of artistic expression including painting, sculpture, the crafts and applied arts, has formed an Art Association for the purpose of bringing together in an annual exhibition all these arts.

It is the purpose of the Association in these exhibitions to give free and equal expression to the ‘Conservative’ and ‘Radical’ elements, because it believes a strong difference of opinion is a sign of health and an omen of long life for the colony”

1921—First exhibition of the Woodstock Art Association held in the gallery at 28 Tinker Street

  • According to the articles of incorporation of the Artists’ Realty Company, Inc., “the object of this corporation is to maintain the Woodstock Art Gallery and develop real property in Woodstock, N.Y. for the furtherance of art and the benefit of the community. The ownership of the property is vested in stockholders. All stock is non-assessable and, as the corporation is operated on a non-profit basis, no dividends are paid.”


  • Excerpt from New York Times article, 1933, by Edward Alden Jewell, “Mr. Lindin and others in the colony hope some day to found a permanent gallery of Woodstock art. That, yet, is a dream.”


  • August 29-30, 1947—The First Woodstock Art Conference: “The Artist and His World” sponsored by the Woodstock Art Association and Artists Equity and held at the Art Students League in Woodstock. Speakers included Mitchell Siporin, Juliana R. Force, sculptor David Smith, Arnold Blanch, Heywood Hale Broun and Yasuo Kuniyoshi
  • 1948—2nd Woodstock Art Conference: “Art Now” co-sponsored by the Woodstock Art Association and Artists Equity and held at the Art Students League in Woodstock. Speakers included Herman Cherry, Isamu Noguchi, Paul Burlin, Elizabeth McCausland, Ben Shahn, Jimmy Ernst, Jack Levine, Yasuo Kuniyoshi and Seymour Lipton.


  • September 1-2, 1950—The Third Woodstock Art Conference “The Artist and the Museum” co-sponsored by the Woodstock Artists Association and Artists Equity and held at the Art Students League, Woodstock. Speakers included Philip Evergood, Lloyd Goodrich (Whitney Museum of American Art), Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Rene d’Harnoncourt (Museum of Modern Art)
  • 1951–Wendell Jones, Woodstock artist and WAA member proposes a “Woodstock Collection,” representing regional artists from 1900 to the present time.
  • 1952—Graphics Workshop opens at the Woodstock Art Gallery, directed by Margaret Lowengrund
  • August 22-23, 1952—the Fourth Annual Woodstock Art Conference “Aesthetics and the Artist” sponsored by The American Society for Aesthetics and the Woodstock Artists Association and held at the Art Students League, Woodstock. Speakers included Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman, Ben Shahn, Buckminster Fuller and George Boas.
  • August 29, 1952—concert sponsored by the WAA and held at Maverick Concert Hall as a benefit for the Artists Welfare Fund. Concert included the debut performance of what would become John Cage’s most famous work “4’33” “ where the pianist, David Tudor, walked onto the stage and sat quietly at the piano for four minutes and thirty-three seconds.
  • 1952–Woodstock Artists Association incorporated under New York state law
  • 1958—“Burr House” willed to the WAA by Rose Guggenheim Winslow (who wrote under the pen name Jane Burr). This house was used by the WAA to house artists and students until it was sold in 1991


  • 1968—Kuniyoshi Award established in memory of Yasuo Kuniyoshi—award given annually to an individual artist for “continuing excellence” and dedication to art.


  • 1971—Artists Realty Company dissolved after volunteers were able to gather 2/3 of the shares in the Artists Realty Company, thus allowing the WAA to own its building outright
  • 1971—Albert Heckman died, willing $250,000 to the association for a trust fund
  • 1973—16 works of art accessioned into the Permanent Collection
  • March 1974–First exhibition of works from the Permanent Collection (consisting of 25 paintings and additional works in other media)
  • Mid 1970s—moveable racks for the PC ordered by Lillian Fortess, built by Malcolm Rose (local contractor)
  • 1975—grant from NEA
  • 1976—Vault for Permanent Collection built in basement. Artists and the community raised $45,000 and the town gave $5,000 in federal revenue sharing funds
  • 1977–Archives founded by Sam Klein


  • 1980-1982– Lawsuit between Board of Directors and Board of Trustees (charged illegality of Board of Trustees—State Supreme Court ruled that the Trustees are a “proper and legal” entity)
  • 1987—Woodstock Art Heritage: Permanent Collection of the Woodstock Artists Association published


  • June 1991—Active Member walls started
  • 1991—Belmont and Phoebe Towbin give $200,000 to facilitate the building of the Towbin Wing
  • June 13, 1992—Belmont and Phoebe Towbin Wing opened with the show “Art in Woodstock: Past and Present”
  • 1997—Linda Freaney hired to work at the front desk and manage Archives. Later became the Director of the Permanent Collection and finally Executive Director, before retiring in 2006.


  • 2001—WAA Board of Trustees and Board of Directors merge into a single board
  • 2002 –  NYSCA’s Museum Program awards an Institutional Development grant for hiring of registrar and a Collection’s Management grant for digitization and cataloging of the collection.
  • 2005 – NYSCA’s Museum Program awards Institutional Development grant for Museum Educator position.
  • Youth Exhibition Space and “Founders Gallery”), removing the carpeting in the downstairs gallery and replacing it with wood, building a wall by the stairway in the middle gallery and converting that into the solo gallery space, converting the gallery gift shop into the gallery office and converting the gallery office into the gift shop, and refinishing the floors in the main, middle, and Towbin Wing galleries. The renovations were as a result of a $50,000 grant from Senator John 2006—WAA applied to the NYS Department of Education for a museum charter (as of August 2012, the charter status remains unresolved in the state’s hands).
  • January 2007—WAA building renovated. This renovation included expansion of the Archives, conversion of the downstairs solo gallery into two smaller galleries (Bonacic from the Community Capital Assistance Program.
  • January 2008—Josephine Bloodgood promoted to the position of Executive Director
  • July 18, 2008—WAA receives $102,289 federal grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services for the Education program.


  • November 21, 2010—New bylaws approved by WAA membership.
  • February 24, 2011—NYS Dept. of State approves the use of the assumed name “Woodstock Artists Association & Museum” or “WAAM.”
  • 2011—WAAM begins work with the Hudson Valley Visual Art Collection Consortium on an online database to catalog their respective Permanent Collections.
  • 2012—WAAM is awarded a grant from the Ulster County Cultural Services and Promotion Fund, administered by the Dutchess County Arts Council, to start the Ulster Artists Online, ulsterartistsonline.org


Next some interesting dates, surely worthy of celebrating with a toast or a nod to the artists who started all this. Notable July dates:

July 1, 1907—Ilya Bolotowsky born
July 2, 1997—Amy Gans Small dies
July 2, 1981—Emmet Edwards dies
July 3, 1958—Frank Swift Chase dies
July 3, 1954—Reginald Marsh dies
July 4, 1992—Harry Gottlieb dies
July 8, 1993—Karl Fortess dies
July 8, 1900—Mary Earley born
July 10, 1980—Bernard Steffen dies
July 11, 1996—Mylo Quam dies
July 18, 1977—John Fenton dies
July 19, 1913—Carolyn Haeberlin born
July 14, 1898—Alexander Brook born
July 15, 2006—Andree Ruellan dies
July 21, 1979—Grace Greenwood dies
July 22, 1900—Peggy Dodds born
July 25, 1948—Robert Orsini born


June 1, 1941—Mylo Quam born
June 4, 1896—Arnold Blanch born
June 7, 1980—Philip Guston dies
June 7, 1999—Howard Mandel dies
June 8, 1983—John Taylor dies
June 9, 1925—Walter (“Bud”) Plate born
June 15, 1869—Carl Eric Lindin born
June 16, 1983—Doris Lee dies
June 18, 1899—Paul Fiene born
June 18, 1889—Arnold Wiltz born
June 19, 1883—Carl Walters born
June 21, 1950—Charles Rosen dies
June 22, 1994—Stefan Lokos dies
June 26, 1929—Milton Glaser born
June 27, 1913—Philip Guston born
June 29, 1912—John Fenton born
June 30, 1911—John Pike born


May 2, 1895—Peggy Bacon born
May 3, 1884—(Wilhelm) Hunt Diederich born
May 4, 1887—Andrew Dasburg born
May 5, 1874 (or 75)—John F. Carlson born
May 6, 1913—Marianne Appel born
May 6, 1905—Lily Ente born
May 7, 1896—Sigmund Menkes born
May 8, 1986—Eugenie Gershoy dies
May 9, 1985—Sidney Laufman dies
May 9, 1976—Harvey Fite dies
May 9, 1876—Frank Marsden London born (or sometime in April 1876)
May 10, 1972—John F. Folinsbee dies
May 11, 1962—Eugene Speicher dies
May 11, 1953—Bradley Walker Tomlin dies
May 12, 1990—Annick duCharme dies
May 14, 1953—Yasuo Kuniyoshi dies
May 14, 1953—(Wilhelm) Hunt Diederich dies
May 15, 1891—Murray Hoffman born
May 17, 1985—Miron Sokole dies
May 19, 1968—Adolf Dehn dies
May 19, 1947—John F. Carlson dies
May 20, 1996—Eugene Ludins dies
May 23, 1919—Dan Gottschalk born
May 22 (or 23), 1962—John Striebel dies
May 27, 2001—Jane Jones diesMay 30, 1887—Alexander Archipenko born
May 30, 1979—Fletcher Martin dies


April ___, 1987—Robert Orsini dies
April 1, 1979—Zulma Steele (Parker) dies
April 5, 1883—Eugene Speicher born
April 6, 1905—Andrée Ruellan born
April 6, 1909—Marion Greenwood born
April 7, 1895—John B. Flannagan born
April 8, 1909—Reginald Wilson born
April 8, 1922–Robert Angeloch born
April 10, 1992—Herman Cherry born
April 10, 1909—Herman Cherry dies
April 14, 1886—Henry Lee McFee born
April 18, 1941—Emil Ganso dies
April 19, 1904—Fletcher Martin born
April 20, 1885—Caroline Speare Rohland born
April 22, 1910—Amy Gans Small born
April 24, 1993—Ethel Magafan dies
April 24, 1904—Grant Arnold born
April 25, 1992—Hannah Small dies
April 26, 1911—Kurt Sluizer born
April 26 (?), 1899—Roland Mousseau born
April 28, 1878—Charles Rosen born


March 1(or 2), 1982—Nan Mason dies
March 4, 1993—Rosella Hartman dies
March 6, 1979—Wilna Hervey dies
March 7, 1885—Milton Avery born
March 9, 1886—Rollin Crampton born
March 10, 1945—Frank Marsden London dies
March 12, 1886—Frank Swift Chase born
March 13, 1937—Arnold Wiltz dies
March 13, 1969—Paul Burlin dies
March 14, 1892—John F. Folinsbee born
March 14, 1917—Edward Chavez born
March 14, 1898—Reginald Marsh born
March 18, 1896—Louis Bouche born
March 20, 1905—Anton Refregier born
March 23, 1904—Eugene Ludins born
March 26 1962—Anton Otto Fischer dies
March 28, 1905—Raoul Hague born


February 1, 1905—Doris Lee born
February 4, 1905—Tomas Penning born
February 4, 1907—Jane Jones born
February 11, 1964—Edward Millman dies
February 15, 1985—Richard Crist dies
February 17, 1993—Raoul Hague dies
February 18, 1984—Nahum Tschacbasov dies
February 20, 1970—Marion Greenwood dies
February 20(?), 1965—Edward Leigh Chase dies
February 20, 1980—Roland Mousseau dies
February 21, 1907—Petra Cabot born
February 23, 1882—Anton Otto Fischer born
February 24, 1917—Howard Mandel born
February 25, 1964—Alexander Archipenko dies
February 26, 1980—Alexander Brook dies


December 1, 1912—Brock (Frank Brokenshaw) born
December 5, 1978—Adrian Siegel dies
December 6, 1958—Hayley Lever dies
December 8, 1913—Stefan Lokos born
December 10, 1976—James Turnbull dies
December 17, 1894—Austin Mecklem born
December 19, 1919—Annick duCharme born
December 25, 1903—Harvey Fite born
December 30, 1948—George Ault dies
December 31, 1895—Lucile Blanch born


November 2, 1982—Tomas Penning dies
November 7, 1959—John Carroll dies
November 7, 1942—Carl Eric Lindin dies
November 9, 1978—Clarence Schmidt dies
November 12, 1955—Carl Walters dies
November 14, 1988—Kurt Sluizer dies
November 17, 1966—Alfeo Faggi dies
November 18, 1984—Lily Ente dies
November 20, 1979—Richard Florsheim dies
November 22, 1895—Adolf Dehn born
November 22, 1981—Ilya Bolotowsky dies
November 24, 1907—Bernard Steffen born
November 27, 1864—Bolton Brown born

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  1. I am trying to find infromation on Elfrieda (Frieda Borkmann). My grandparents were frequent visitors to Woodstock, Kingston, Saugerties in the 40’s and 50’s and purchased several of Ms. Borkmann’s paintings. My brother and I accompanied them on many trips but were too young to remember any details of purchases. We both now have the pleasure of having these paintings, but other than very minor details, we can find little about Ms. Borkmann. I did note that there is a “Doris Lee/Elfrieda Borkmann” award. Hoping that someone can give me more details on Ms. Borkmann.



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