What Art Will You Find In The Homes Of World Renowned Contemporary Artists?

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I’m sure you’ll be intrigued by the concept of this coffee table art book –  Artists Living with Art by Stacey Goergen, Amanda Benchley and Oberto Gili. The authors invite readers into the homes and personal art collections of some of the world’s most renowned contemporary artists. From a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting that hangs on the wall of Francesco Clemente’s Greenwich Village dining room, to photographs by Cindy Sherman and paintings by Alex Katz in Chuck Close’s NoHo penthouse, art plays a crucial role in how some of the world’s most prominent contemporary artists decorate their homes.


Cindy Sherman: Step into the living room of Cindy Sherman and you’ll find  works by John Hiltunen, Esther Pearl Watson, and Martin Kippenberger.

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Francesco Clemente: In the dining room of Francesco Clemente hangs a portrait of the artist by Jean-Michel Basquiet, a Christmas gift from Basquiet to Clemente.

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Glenn Ligon: In the living room of Glenn Ligon you’ll find Ellsworth Kelly’s print Red/Blue (1964, left of centre). Chris Ofili’s print The Healer (2009) is on the far left. A silkscreen by Christopher Wool, My House II (2000) hangs on the far bottom right, with David Wojnarowicz’s untitled 2012 work on its left.

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Timothy Greenfield-Sanders: A collection of works hang over the sink in Timothy’ kitchen. From top left, Elaine Sturtevant’s Warhol’s Flowers; Joops Sanders’ 1955 portrait of his wife Isca; and Elaine de Kooning’s 1945 portrait of Jop Sanders. Painting on the right is a 1977 painting by Milton Resnick, a wedding gift from the artist to Greenfield-Sanders.

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