In the Spotlight with Artist Gertrude Abramson

WAAM is pleased to launch our Member Interview Series with artist Gertrude Abramson. Inspired by her extraordinary life’s spiritual journey which includes being a Zen Buddhist Priest, professional ballet dancer, street clown, and hospital chaplain and chaplain teacher – Gertrude’s art reflect a wide range of imagery and emotions which are juggled into a new reality using different art mediums.

abramson, gertrude #1
WAAM: How would you describe yourself?
Gertrude Abramson: I am a zen buddhist priest, artist, and chaplain.

WAAM: Are you a Hudson Valley native? If not, what brought you here and how long ago?
Gertrude: I am not a native. I came to the area to study zen buddhism at the Zen Mountain Monastery in Mt. Tremper in 1983 and I’ve lived here ever since, presently living in Chichester.

WAAM: Why & what do you create?
Gertrude: I create because I have a strong need to. I create from the love I feel when I can connect intimately to light and movement. Presently I’m focused on “water” and it’s movement.

abramson, gertrude #4
WAAM: What is your sustaining inspiration?
Gertrude: Water and it’s movements, light and energy.

abramson, gertrude #3

WAAM: Do you have a job to support your art? How is it relevant?
Gertrude: Yes, I presently work at Vassar Brothers Hospital where I am a chaplain supervisor teaching interns to become chaplains. It feeds my art in a way that it puts me face to face with sickness, old age, and death. It makes life special and sacred to me.

abramson, gertrude #10

Thank you Trudi! You can see more of Trudi’s work at Ulster Artists Online


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